Ronaco Plaster Mix launched for quick and easy plastering

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Informex Concreting (Pvt) Ltd. launched ‘Ronaco Plaster Mix,’ a premixed cement and sand mortar for wall plastering recently, which would cut cost, increase efficiency and enhance quality in end product.

Informex Managing Director Doric Atton told the Daily FT that the new plaster mix was a ‘ready to use’ factory blended mortar mixture featuring multiple advantages over the conventional site mixed mortar.

Used with the specified quantity of water, the mixture would provide a low permeable and extra durable plastering mortar.

“Currently there is a shortage of sand as well as a high demand for good quality sand in the market. This has led to numerous issues in the now thriving construction industry,” Atton said.

Blended mechanically under a controlled atmosphere with just the right amount of sand, the plaster mix is manufactured under close supervision by qualified engineers. The plaster mix consists of cement, sieved and graded sand and is suitable for any type of plastering work. The product does not contain any chlorides. Coming in 50kg bags, the plaster mix guarantees zero wastage at sites and less labour with high output.

“Also since you only have to add water, it is easy to handle, easy to transport and easy to store,” Atton said. “It minimises storage space and gives a high quality finish. Also there is no hoodwinking as the right amount goes on to each bag whereas when you buy from suppliers you always get less for the price. Therefore it’s a cost effective process.”

The product and its displays improve plasticity, bond properties and better finishing quality.

“The product is ideal for any type of plastering work on bricks, blocks and concrete. It is supplied in the form of powder and has a compressive strength which exceeds 3.0 N/mm2 at 28 days with proper mixing and water ratio.”

A 50kg pack of plaster mix mixed with 8.6 litres of water has the ability to cover approximately 27 sqft at 16 mm thickness. In a dry place, plaster mix can be stored in original packs for up to six months.

“It provides easy workability for the masons and requires less help as processes such as sieving sand, weighing different ratios of sand cement and lime and mixing are no longer needed. It is easy to convey within the site and could be mechanically mixed with a high speed mixer and sprayed with a spray plastering machine with different sizes of hoses and levelled off with aluminium profiles.”