Quality Shine adds value to furniture

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Quality Shine from BLG Enterprises is rapidly taking over the Sri Lankan market as the leader for their branded product Quality Shine Polish which is simple and easy to use. It has been winning the trust of Sri Lankans continuously and market share is rapidly growing. BLG Enterprises’ aim is to achieve number one position in the household sector. Quality Shine Polish primarily cleans, polish and protects the furniture whilst maintaining its originality. Quality Shine is not just a surface cleaner or a polish; it protects the true characteristics of the furniture while adding more value. On matt finish furniture it will clean the furniture and will produce its original matt finish look. Ideal for cleaning office tables, counters, doors, windows, stainless steel, leather sofas, plastic surfaces, vinyl and cane furniture, Quality Shine is the best choice for consumers who care about a star class finish. Under the typical Sri Lankan hot and humid conditions, Quality Shine makes sure the valuable furniture and fittings are not affected by dust and fungus while giving a shiny effect. Quality Shine is most cost effective method to clean and polish furniture to maintain and avoid high cost of varnishing and polish as its prevent all formation of fungus while it retains its polish. Presently most use detergent type cleaners which only clean but remove the original polish unnoticeably over a period of time which result in varnish polish over again. Quality Shine Polish is advisable to use on new furniture from start as the originality can be retain from the beginning. Quality Furniture Polish cleans and polishes at the same time, increasing durability of the furniture by protecting the polish layers, retaining their original glow and creates an ambience in your home. Quality Shine enhances the beauty of the furniture and keeps clean and free from dust. Because of these characteristics, Quality Shine has already become a trusted choice among tourist hotels, offices, and churches as well as households. The usage on an average a hotel guest room can be cleaned and polished with one Quality Shine Furniture Polish container 15 times, the polish will remain on an average for one week depending on the frequent use of furniture. Therefore cost of cleaning/polishing for a hotel guest room can be less as under Rs. 6 per day. Quality Shine comes in handy spray cans, enabling easy and accurate application. It is  manufactured with a quality formula from USA by the BLG Enterprises, the everlasting quality is guaranteed with absolute assurance of no change of colour or original characteristics of the surface on it use. BLG Enterprises as an organisation that cares for the health and safety of its users and continuously focuses on those two facts, which also helps gain the trust of consumers. The product is fully compliant with ISO 9000 standards and has also been certified for Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). It is user friendly and non toxic. BLG Enterprises are customer oriented and emphasise highly on service quality to its customers. Quality Shine Furniture Polish is now available in all Keells Super outlets and selected Cargills Food City outlets. BLG Enterprises can be contacted on 0773666717 for business and enquiries.