Marina Spread: Let’s spread happiness

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Marina is a local edible oil and fat brand that is currently exported to over 40 countries worldwide. Through the experience gained in serving international markets where consumers are very knowledgeable and demanding regarding quality standards, Marina has over the years perfected its production process and general quality philosophy. 

Today the Marina branded edible oils and fats are produced in a state of the art manufacturing facility, maintained and operated under international quality standards such as GMP, ISO 22 000 and HACCP to ensure optimum product quality. Marina Virgin Coconut Oil is exported to more than 30 countries and has gained FDA, JAS and BAC certifications from the United States, Japan and the United Kingdom respectively. 

Shopping for consumer food products has become a confusing and challenging task for Sri Lankans, especially for those seeking a seal of assurance in terms of quality. This is due to the increased awareness and concern on the dangers of certain harmful chemicals and ingredients used in consumable products. Consumers are today more aware of health and safety concerns and are willing to seek out alternate options or solutions. Most manufacturing companies both local and foreign have found it difficult to face this challenging situation. Most manufacturers have resorted to modifying their product recipes and rethinking their marketing strategies or in certain cases complete discontinuation of the product. 

Understanding this emerging trend in the consumer’s preference for safe and healthy consumable oil and fat products Marina adds another wholesome and nutritious addition to their extensive array of products; Marina Spread. Marina Spread is a fat-spread enriched with the goodness of rich vegetable oil and power packed with vitamins A, D, E while also containing Omega 3, a highly nutritious fatty acid that’s been scientifically proven to benefit health in the long run. Marina Spread gives a creamy taste which kids love to have in their food and contains absolutely no harmful ingredients such as sodium benzoate and is made from all natural, edible vegetable oils, making it the ideal choice for youngsters desiring a healthy and delicious meal. Marina Spread is also a perfect substitute for margarine, may it be in a recipe or in general consumption and includes a range of essential fats beneficial for overall health. 

With a vision to make Sri Lanka a stronger and healthier nation and driven with the aim of building a happy and a healthy planet, Marina remains truly committed and loyal to its vision of providing healthy food. This dedication has made Marina the only local oils and fat brand in the current market to reach international standards as a truly Sri Lankan brand. The consumer confidence placed was amply displayed when Marina won the SLIM Brand Excellence 2013 and in 2015. Marina upholds its promise to bring healthier and highly reliable food solutions to our nation under the leadership of its Managing Director, award winning entrepreneur Manjula Narayana and his team.