Marina introduces a Special coconut oil in packet

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Marina Company Ltd., affiliated to NMK Group of Companies, and manufacturers of ‘Marina’ coconut oil immensely popular among the housewives of Sri Lanka, has introduced a special coconut oil packet for the convenience of its retail consumers, conforming to international standards and hygienically manufactured under stringent quality control. Speaking about the introduction, Marina Head of Sales and Brands Denzil Perera said: “The Sri Lankan consumers purchase coconut oil according to their day-to-day requirements in full bottles, half bottles and quarter bottles from retail shops. They take various kinds of bottles and containers to buy coconut oil. Most of the times they do not take a bottle to the shop but bring coconut oil home in shopping bags. This has become common habit now. But from the customers’ side, there are so many economic disadvantages as well as health harms in this procedure. The customers do not know under what conditions the coconut oil they buying is manufactured and stored. In other words they do not know the standard of coconut oil they are buying. They do not know whether low-graded vegetable oil is mixed with coconut oil they are buying. Not only that, they do not know whether they get the correct quantity of coconut oil and whether the price they are paying is correct. Marina coconut oil is different from any other coconut oil. Marina Coconut Oil is refined without using hazard chemicals (such as caustic soda) and only using only physical (steam and vacuum) refining processes. Marina Coconut Oil does not contain any impurities and is guaranteed safe for consumers and it contains monolaurince which help to maintain the body’s natural immune system. Marina Coconut Oil is produced from quality coconuts, converted into copra (dried meat or kernel of the coconut), using an innovative Cold-pressed-Process, instead of the traditional kiln-drying system. This reduces the risk of PAH (Polly Aromatic Hydrocarbons) risk. Marina is ISO 22000, HACCP and GMP Certificated, the worldwide recognized standards for product safety. Marina foods have introduced over 50 hygienically packed food items to the local and international market. All those food items are manufactured and packed employing ultra modern technology available in the market conforming to international standards hygienically with a 100% guarantee. Marina coconut oil also received an award of excellence at the SLIM Brand Excellence 2013 Awards Ceremony organised by Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing. Marina Ltd. belongs to NMK Group of Companies founded by its’ Chairman Manjula Narayana.