Fevicol steals attention at Sri Lanka Wood Expo 2013

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Fevicol, one of the largest selling adhesive brands in Asia, attracted hundreds of consumers at the Sri Lanka Wood Expo 2013 which was held at the BMICH recently. Fevicol is manufactured by Pidilite Industries Ltd., one of the largest adhesives manufacturers in Asia and distributed in Srilanka by Macbertan Ltd. Fevicol has continuously been ranked amongst the most trusted brands in household care in India and has won the hearts of millions globally. Synonymous with adhesives to millions in India, some of the major Fevicol brands are Fevicol SH, Fevicol 1K PUR, Fevicol F S 203, Fevicol Foamfix, Fevicol Supreme, Fevicol SR 998 and Fevicol 505, just to name a few. Pidilite Industries Ltd. President SEA & SAARC Manab Ghosh said: “Over the past 50 years, Pidilite has worked steadily towards meeting every need of the customer through pioneering products that meet international standards. Fevicol has always been successful in reaching out to the right audiences with superior performing products through a varied mix of integrated marketing, distribution and communication strategy and we are happy to see the brand growing and making an instant connection with the consumers in Sri Lanka.” Macbertan Ltd. Managing Director/CEO Ramani Ponnambalam said: “Fevicol is a premium quality brand from the stable of Pidilite, the market leader in adhesives and sealants in India. With the constant desire to meet and satisfy the needs of its customers, Pidilite has consistently invested in innovation and introduced state-of-the-art products in the market. We feel privileged to be associated with a premium brand like Fevicol.” Fevicol products were made familiar among Sri Lankan consumers during the Sri Lanka Wood Expo at the BMICH and among them, below types of Fevicol glue received attention of visitors at the exhibition. Fevicol SH (Synthetic Resin Adhesive) is a premium grade polyvinyl acetate based adhesive suitable for joinery applications like woodworking and paper handicraft. It is the No. 1 adhesive brand in Asia with proven and time-tested international quality. It is widely used for bonding of all types of wood, wood products and HPL etc. It works well for bonding surfaces like laminates/veneer on hardboard, MDF, HDF, plywood, etc. and assembly gluing (dowels, tongue and groove, mortise and tenon) etc. Owing to its higher solid content and unique formulation, it gives the strongest bond. Again, its balanced viscosity gives better flow, coverage, uniform drying leading to total pasting and a complete bond. Fevicol has recently launched two variants, Fevicol SpeedX; a specialised adhesive that is faster setting and Fevicol Marine; a revolutionary waterproof adhesive that protects furniture from de-bonding even when exposed to water. Fevicol Marine bond can withstand one hour of boiling water and 48 hrs of cold water in wood to wood applications. Fevicol FS 203 is a Cyanoacrylate adhesive which is best for wood filling. It gives superfast bonding, instantly and is very easy to use, especially when used with saw dust. Recommended for filling of holes and cracks in wood, it bonds instantly and allows the user to immediately sand, stain and even polish wood. This high performance superglue works brilliantly for wood filling compared to traditional white glue or epoxy putty which are both very time consuming. It is also suitable for bonding various other substrates like ceramic, glass, metal, flex, plastic (PVC, ABS, FRP) and rubber. Fevicol Supreme (synthetic rubber adhesive) is a solvent based contact adhesive with instant bonding strength and excellent heat resistance which enables consumers to use it on surfaces facing directly to the sun. It can also be used on hard, rough surfaces because of its unique characteristics and it is commonly used to affix vertical surfaces because it dries quickly. It is free of benzene, making it safe and user friendly. Fevicol Supreme is ideal for pasting decorative HPL laminates like Formica to plywood, MDF, HDF and other wooden boards and metals. It is recommended for bonding of various types of rubber like EVA, microcellular rubber and neoprene, leather, cork, rigid PVC, soft foams, metals, veneer strips to edges and curves, edge banding around edges and curves and lamination on curved and round surfaces etc. Fevicol 1K PUR (Single Component, Moisture Curing PU Adhesive is a moisture-curing, single component reactive adhesive, based on polyurethane technology. It also has high temperature resistance and complies to WATT 91 (DIN EN 14257). It is the ultimate choice for bonding moist/improper treated wood and is the only type of glue in Sri Lanka which meets the international D4 standards. Fevicol 1K PUR is a trusted product for affixing wet surfaces and it is quick and easy to apply. Because of its unique characteristics, it saves time while avoiding wastage. 1K Pur is best for bonding of door and window joints. It is also ideal to bond exterior grade furniture like garden furniture or swimming pool side tables, etc. It bonds all types of hardwood and soft woods, and other wood products like MDF, HDF, particle boards, etc. It also bonds ceramic materials, concrete materials, etc.