CJ is responsible for her plight in many ways - Letters to the Editor

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I wish to thank you for bravely covering the poor plight of our judicial system and the lady CJ. From humble beginnings she has achieved eminence having gone to University of London to get her qualifications and then having a stint in the Colombo University.

The CJ is responsible for her own plight in many ways. For instance, over the 18th Amendment, she did next to nothing, giving it safe passage; her husband got himself a Chairman’s job in the Government after her appointment as CJ. As a result she compromised her high office.

All of a sudden when she attempts to be independent, the powers that appointed her must feel betrayed. Had she stood firm from the word go, the Executive and the Judiciary would have known where the lines were.

Sarath N. Silva, who came out strongly against the motion, has now done a u-turn and is asking her to go. This is the very man who ran the Judiciary like his private asset and gave judgments at will. What an example for budding lawyers?

President Rajapaksa is a man who has done so much for the country by getting rid of the 30-year war. So he should not destroy his popularity by attempting to protect a few corrupt individuals in his administration who have plundered public funds and become super rich overnight. Like the CJ, let them defend themselves using top lawyers and prove to the world that the charges that are now against them in the Supreme Court are frivolous.

If he does this, the President would become even more popular and win the support of the international community. If the President is to achieve a $ 4,000 per capita income by 2015-’16, we need to increase our investment levels to over 36%+. Currently it is around 29%.

This would require more and more FDI and support from our overseas friends.

The President, who is a lawyer by profession, is a man of great experience and vision; we hope he ensures that the CJ is given a proper trial (if guilty let her be fired) and those officials in his administration who are guilty of plundering public money are not given a safe passage at the expense of his goodwill and popularity.

Dear Editor, I am sorry to note from the media the poor role the Opposition and the OPA are playing.

R. Fernando