Ceyoka offers optimised energy efficiency through advanced insulation technology

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Ceyoka Insulation  As a progressive company with over three decades of visionary growth, Ceyoka Ltd is known for its extensive product diversity and superior services. Partnering this success is Ceyoka’s Engineering Division recognised as the country’s leading insulation specialist and market leader in importing and distributing a wide range of insulation solutions. Serving both Sri Lanka and Maldives, the division has earned a solid reputation for providing leading edge insulation products from certified international brands. “Ceyoka Engineering has a long track record in delivering the most effective insulation materials in the market. Our customers are confident with our strong customer support and solid product performance demonstrated through use in the most demanding environments,” says Deputy General Manager, Insulation K. Dinesh, commenting on the company’s markets offering. To-date Ceyoka has supplied insulation products contributing towards a wide range of infrastructure projects such as domestic and industrial roofs, power plants, petroleum plants, ship repairs, soundproofing generators, insulation for industrial boilers, hot water and chilled water lines, auditorium and cinema sound proofing, burners, ovens etc. Insulation products supplied by Ceyoka include Glass wool, Rockwool, Nitrile Rubber Insulation, Extruded Polystyrene, Aluminium Foil, B.R.C. Welded Mesh. These products meet the growing demand as a barrier in transferring heat, for increased acoustic performance, and providing excellent protection against fire. Thermal insulation in buildings helps reduce the heat flow and maintain a comfortable and hygienic indoor climate. Effective insulation in commercial and residential buildings provides significant saving on heating and cooling bills helping to maintain a consistent temperature by reducing air leakage and resisting the flow of heat. Acoustic insulation plays an important role in regulating sound and providing soundproofing solutions resulting in a reduction in external noise or internal noise. One of the most efficient ways to prevent noise pollution is insulation as it acts as a natural and effective sound barrier. As insulation delivers excellent sound absorption, it dramatically reduces levels of external noise entering homes, offices and commercial buildings, allowing for peaceful living and working environment. Glass wool and Rock wool insulation act as fire barriers which reduce the spread of flames, affording valuable time to save people and property and reduce environmental damage. They are frequently used in walls, roofs and air ducts of high rise buildings or commercial premises where fire safety is paramount. Overall Ceyoka’s insulation products are suitable for a wide range of applications (flexible, semi rigid, rigid). They are easy to cut and install with minimum wastage on site. Ceyoka offers clients lightweight, flexible rolls, semi rigid and rigid boards which are also dimensionally stable with no sagging or settling and compliant with international standards. Understanding this trend toward more environmental responsibility in building design, construction, and operation, Ceyoka caters to the growing demand to create efficient, affordable and comfortable buildings. “Insulation makes a noticeable impact on people’s comfort, health and power bills,” Dinesh noted. “Our insulation products meet the highest industry standards for energy conservation, and helps deliver energy efficient solutions for buildings. Insulation represents huge economic potential in terms of energy and CO2 savings. Less energy wasted means wider access to affordable energy in society.” Dedicated to maintaining superior levels of customer support, the Ceyoka insulation team offers expert advice on all products and solutions. This includes general advice, technical calculation for a particular projects or on-site support. The Ceyoka Insulation Team has the expertise and experience to provide the very best advice, backed by the latest technology.