Singer Fashion Academy helps shape dream career with innovative fashion designing program

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For many individuals a career in fashion design is a distant dream. The ability to transform this dream into reality is now possible through the Singer Fashion Academy’s landmark new Fashion Designing Program.

Consisting of a structured three-part career progression, the program includes a six-month Foundation Certificate, followed by a one-year Diploma and a final one-year Advanced Diploma.

Upon completion, students can join a university of their choice, completing their final year and graduating with a Degree in Fashion Designing. However, students have the opportunity to only complete individual stages within the program and live their dream job.

Each stage offers a high quality program with practical experience and skill development, intensive coursework and rigorous industry skills mastery covering all aspects, preparing students to embark on an exciting career. 

The entire program affords a competitive advantage over other available courses, is extremely affordable, has set career progression milestones and costs approximately Rs, 500,000/- only, payable with easy monthly installments.

In addition, the Singer Fashion Academy conducts classes at over 60 locations island-wide covering all major cities.  Students interested in fashion design no longer need to travel to Colombo. Instead, they can follow classes at convenient venues close to their home town.

“The newly-launched Singer Fashion Academy’s Fashion Designing Program including concise methods of instruction and innovative curriculum will enable students to fast track their career into the industry and make their fashion dreams a reality. We are also able to provide the industry with skilled professionals and the economy with budding entrepreneurs,” said Singer Sri Lanka PLC Group CEO Asoka Pieris.

For Singer Fashion Academy’s growing base of budding entrepreneurs, housewives and school leavers, this new opportunity is the ideal platform to shape their aspirations and dreams.

The in-depth curriculum for each stage has been especially curated, taking into account international and industry standards. The program’s syllabus up to the Advanced Diploma stage is equivalent to the first two years of learning in a University program under the UK curriculum.

Along with the curriculum, the program’s practical aspects including interesting workshops conducted by industry experts, factory visits and dressmaking practicals will ensure students are exposed to all aspects of the industry.

A noteworthy feature of this unique program is that it offers students an exit path at each level. The Certificate Level helps build entrepreneurial opportunities and students can realise their potential as a fashion designer.

At the Diploma stage, students can transform into a pattern maker joining the many industry opportunities available to them. Additionally, after completing the Advanced Diploma, a lucrative career as a pattern maker or even a fashion designer owning their own label are endless possibilities.

Singer Fashion Academy’s recent milestone achievement of validation status by UK’s Chartered Society of Designers will be applicable for the Foundation Certificate of Fashion Designing. Thus students who complete the Foundation stage will simultaneously receive the Singer Fashion Academy certificate and also credentials from the prestigious Chartered Society of Designers (CSD).

Upon receiving the CSD Certificate, students can apply for Student Membership status from the Society with no application or joining fee required. CSD Student Membership also offers a host of benefits including credibility, networking, online portfolio, directory listing with a public profile, professional development, and up to-date news from the design industry, etc.

Singer Fashion Academy students also gain access to digital content such as magazines, reports, advice columns, book reviews, portfolio galleries and much more. The ‘Burda Style’ fashion magazine of international repute is circulated and accessible for all students.

Further increasing the value of this accomplishment, the Singer Fashion Academy offers two optional modules for students such as English and IT. Upon completion of the IT curriculum, students receive a City & Guilds qualification from the Singer Computer Academy. 

As a result students who complete the Foundation stage will receive an impressive three certificates; from the Singer Fashion Academy and CSD for fashion designing, from City & Guilds for and IT - an unprecedented achievement.

The Singer Fashion Academy invites interested students to register for the first intake of its Foundation Certificate in Fashion Designing. More information is available via Tel 0115400400.