7 main advantages of using used shipping containers in building

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By Jason Markin Building homes with used shipping containers is one of the most cost-effective ways to get a roof for your family. These containers are also very versatile and come with numerous benefits as discussed below. The trend of using used shipping containers for building a house has picked up pace very quickly and many people are benefiting from the low cost component of using them. Designers are taking the used box like structures and turning them into beautiful homes that make all eyes turn for a second look. Let’s take a look at other advantages of using used shipping containers: Used containers are more affordable The most obvious benefit of using old shipping containers for building purposes is the low cost involved. Even if one carries out modifications in a shipping container for turning it into a livable dwelling, it won’t cost as much as it costs to build a new structure with mortar and bricks. Easy to construct Used shipping containers are like ready-to-assemble pieces that can be modified easily into homes without spending a big sum of money. Look for a local container seller, select the ones you can use and have them delivered to your backyard, or where ever you wish to build a home or office out of them. Call a designer to map out the placement of doors and windows. It will take much less time to design these structures and also less effort and money to have it made it to your preference. Takes much less time to build How much time it will take for used containers to look like an office or a house, depends upon whether you want it to get it constructed by the seller or hire a third party to do the job for you. If you prefer the seller to build a container before delivery, it may take a few extra months as they will have other deliveries also in line before yours. But, if you hire a third party to come over and build it, there are chances it will take much less time. Endless design possibilities with old containers Don’t be fooled by the simple looks of an old container. This simple rectangular structure is the reason why the container can be easily transformed into unique structures. You can build different floors in the structure, create a patio on the outside, or have a gabled roof made. The interiors are easy to mold and can be designed to one’s liking. Get them where you want   Old shipping containers can be delivered to any place of your choice. Some sellers, who offer to design them for you, will actually deliver your house or office where you want, while others will simply place the container where you told them to. Moreover, used containers can be bought from local dealers, and they will generally have a large variety available for sale. Environmentally friendly option Knowingly or unknowingly, you’re saving the environment when you prefer to use a used shipping container to build a home. If these containers are not used for building purpose, the steel retrieved from them may take up a lot of energy. By building homes, you save a lot of it and also other resources that have gone into building a home. Convenient personalisation Personalisation of regular structures can be very tedious. The more complex their build, the harder it gets to transform them to one’s preference, but because shipping containers have a very basic shape, transforming them proves to be more convenient. (Jason Markin is the owner of RTC Container Sales; a company that deals with shipping containers of every type; including new containers, used containers, etc. He is also a passionate blogger, who keeps updating his readers timely regarding the leaps and bounds in the shipping industry. http://www.rtccontainer.com/)