Milk powder

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It has been reported that seven brands of milk powder would be released by the Ministry for sale as not having DCD.  It is very important to publish the names of these brands for the benefit of our consumers.  This must not be left for the imagination of consumers. In respect of milk powders which are not suitable for consumption, the following clarification is necessary. Can the milk powder which has been cleared and retained in stores, supermarkets, etc., be re-exported, ensuring refund of foreign exchange payment made (FOB, C&F or CIF)? Foreign suppliers may refuse to take this milk powder back. They would have to receive direct remittance or open Letters of Credit before re-exporting the milk powder. In addition, local duty paid also has to be refunded by Customs. Stocks retained in the port also (duty not paid) would have to be re-exported and the foreign suppliers who have received payment on negotiation of documents should refund and accept re-exported stocks.  They could refuse to accept the milk powder. Can we expect the foreign supplier to accept milk powder which has been packed locally?  They may accept unpacked milk powder in bulk and not the packed powder. Since import of milk powder is generally under irrevocable letter of credit (valid for six months) still they could effect shipment and demand payment.  Irrevocable letter of credit once opened cannot be cancelled without the exporters’ consent. Constructive steps should be taken by the Ministry as otherwise it will result in loss of millions to the importers. Hope the trade chambers will also look into these matters seriously. S.R. Balachandran

ENT’s advice on constant use of earphones

It’s a common sight nowadays to see the young and the old, the male and the female and female office workers travelling by private vans transporting office staff in particular sporting earphones, listening to the radio via the mobile. They could be either enjoying music or listening to the news or some other program. I have experienced several times not getting a response to my greetings from my friends walking in front of me – the reason being that their ears have been plugged with earphones.  One can even notice some mobile users crossing the road listening to the radio or even responding to a call, which I feel should be discouraged as it is extremely dangerous. Why I am writing this is to know whether hearing is not impaired by being constantly having the earphones/headphones on. Could the ENT specialists give their valuable advice after reading this? Is there is any need to do a test by an audiologist to ensure that hearing has not been affected at all? Mohamed Zahran Colombo 3