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Chanel 44 in an exclusive on the sidelines of the UNHRC sessions exposed what it said was a portentous collaboration between President Rajapaksa and UNHRC chief Navi Pillai. In a documentary aired at a downtown gay bar in Geneva, the Machiavellian broadcaster showed a note sent to Rajapaksa allegedly signed by Pillai over thanksgiving last year in which she offers a touching tribute for helping her keep her job: “If you hadn’t finished off the war, I would have a humdrum report card to present to the world.  But now Sri Lanka gives me reason to shine.  So thank you Mahinda,” says the hand-written message.

The story doesn’t end there.  In a reciprocal letter sent along with a bouquet of Mimosa Pudica aka Nidikumba aka’ Touch-Me-Not’ on Valentine’s day, Mr. Rajapaksa acknowledges that the HCs uncanny ability to drum-up anti-Sri Lanka sentiments is proffering a lifeline for his beleaguered government as it confronts charges of widespread malfeasance, double-dealing and rising cost of living back home. Adducing further credence to the expose’, Chanel 44 aired a photograph of President Rajapaksa and Ms.Pillai clicked in an avalanche bunker in the Swiss Alps. Ms.Pillai has denied the allegation while the Rajapaksa regime says that it would appoint a committee to verify the authenticity of the picture.

If we all did our jobs well, lived a just and fair life, a lot of people would be out of work.  That includes politicians, lawyers, debt collectors, witch-hunters and Navi Pillai.  They owe their prolific success to individuals and regimes that abrogate on morality. Equality and justice must prevail. At the same time, we know that war breeds lawlessness. The important thing is to put an end to war; learn the lessons and rebuild a just society.  

While Pillai, born in South Africa to a Tamil bus driver and Rajapaksa from a southern Sinhalese political dynasty are both sworn to uphold justice and fair play, both have a job to keep; and they wouldn’t be in a hurry to squander their own futures. As for a people whose lives were once torn asunder by a heartless war, what they pray for is abiding peace and an equitable society in which they can pursue their own dreams. Their only hope may actually lie in a Valentine meeting or a thanksgiving dinner between the two protagonists of a story that’s threatening to bring back the dark days. After all, it has been said, make love not war. The UN needs a vision that propagates reconciliation not hatred and it needs to help charter a course that would herald a new sunrise or face the need to change its name to DN; your guess is as good as mine! As for the President, the majority hopes that lessons have been learnt and that we can all move on. Mr. President; Madam HC..Quo Vadis?

Geek! Where did that spiel come from? Mine is not to be a philosopher but to conspire. Just as I was about to be swallowed by a bout of depression; the ‘choon phan’ man’s (bread man) song came to the rescue. It’s a small world after all…oh crap now I m singing. Someone hit me with a Gal Bunis. We really used to love those delicacies didn’t we? Gal Banis; Gunasiri Bulto; aaah I’m down memory lane and would you not join me my friend? It was a time when the original playstation was a natural water pool where kids do the springboard dive from an outstretched branch of a tree.  

Aaah, it’s time we all became friends; Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Burghers, Mrs. Pillai and our President. I think I like that!

Dinesh Watawana is a former foreign correspondent and military analyst.  He is a brand consultant and heads The 7th Frontier, an integrated communications agency which masterminded the globally-acclaimed eco tourism hotspot KumbukRiver. Email him at [email protected]