Canadian High Commissioner boycotting Victory Day celebrations

Tuesday, 20 May 2014 00:00 -     - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}

I read with interest the statement made by the Canadian High Commissioner that she will not participate in the Victory Day Celebrations because she is very keen that Sri Lanka should enjoy peace and reconciliation as soon as possible. While welcoming her interest in ushering peace into Sri Lanka, may I request the Canadian Government through its peace-loving Ambassador here to kindly support the peace process further with the following initiatives as well: (a) Stop fund raising by ex-LTTErs who are today masquerading as human rights activists in various parts of Canada.  It is well known that these funds are used by them to “enlist” certain Canadian politicians to bash Sri Lanka. (b) Help the Sri Lankan authorities to identify the many LTTE cadres who are in lists of missing and dead in Sri Lanka, but who are actually living and working in Canada, so that the data bases of who are alleged to be missing could be accurately updated. (c) Grant a separate state to the Tamils of the world including those in Sri Lanka as already mooted by several Tamil organisations in the recent past, and as explained in the article appearing at The Canadian High Commissioner’s boycott of the Victory Day celebrations and the Canadian Prime Minister Harper’s boycott of CHOGM in 2013 would be truly meaningful when the above initiatives are also implemented by the Canadians. Fred Fernandez