A unique book that addresses all spheres

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By Sonia Chinnaiyah The 850-page book ‘In the Best Interest of My Country’ by Dinesh Weerakkody includes a collection of articles published by the author in local and international media since 1983 to date. After reading this book, one could learn a lot from the wealth of knowledge and experience of the author, who serves and had served in a number of Government and private sector boards, as the articles have a balanced view of practicality and academic insight. As the title depicts a sense of patriotism, the author’s sole purpose for launching this book was to showcase knowledge and encourage many experienced professionals to actively engage and create debate in the best interest of Sri Lanka, based on some of the key economic and business issues highlighted in this book. Hence, many professionals from different walks of life will greatly benefit from this book as it caters to all segments – academics, politicians, journalists, business professionals, foreign diplomats, students, etc. In the present internet era, there is a dire need for professionals to think originally and voice out their ideas with impact, as Professor Dave Ulrich very categorically highlights in the foreword of this book, commending Dinesh Weerakkody’s commitment to translate his broad array of ideas into specific insights and implications for Sri Lanka. In a nutshell, the book comprises the following: 54 economics and business articles published from 1993 to 2013 44 political articles published from 1983-2013 100 HR and management articles published from 1998 to 2013. In the HR and management section, the author has also included his own model on ‘CEO Dashboard and CEO Competencies’ and an article written by the celebrated HR Guru, Prof. Dave Ulrich on ‘Leadership Code’. 51 ‘Business Today’ articles published by the author since 1997. Some of them are excerpts of interviews with leading local and international business icons (Ken Balendra, Pawan Munjal – MD and CEO of Hero Honda Motors, Michael Rake – Chairman KPMG International, Franklyn Amerasinghe – former DG of EFC, leading political figures, CEOs and chairmen, Country Directors of World Bank, ADB) "This book will just not be a must read, but a must use for any leader who wants insights into how to use innovative ideas in a pragmatic way – Prof. Dave Ulrich" Middle and end section of the book: There are some interesting letters written by leading personalities, both local and international, in the middle section of the book. The book ends with few important images from the author’s personal album, which would enable the reader to understand the author’s background and source of wisdom to write all these articles for over 30 years and to stay abreast with the trend. It is also important to note that this fourth volume is after a long lapse of time from his third volume that was published in 1996, and his second volume in 1993. His maiden attempt was in 1990. Compared to previous volumes, this book is unique as it addresses all spheres that impact world economy, organisations and the common man. Further, the reader could understand the gradual developments, key milestones and paradigm shifts that took place in the fields of economics, business, political, HR and management. Moreover, some of the key articles in the book are not available on the website. Thus, it would also be ideal for academics and professionals to understand the past, present and future trends of their respective fields. I strongly recommend readers to invest in this unique collection of articles which could be used as a reference book to tackle daily business issues, understand trends in economics, political and business world and for your career advancement.