Release of suspects

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It is very clear from the media reports that there have been attempts by two VIPs of the present Government to obtain release of suspects taken in by the CID on account of the 21 April ‘Easter Sunday’ bombing. It was shocking to see one of them participating in subsequent cabinet meetings.

Have the two leaders and those in authority forgotten that over 300 lives were lost and injuries were caused to several hundreds on account of this terror acts? Their kith and kin are still in a state of shock and trying to continue life facing the numerous problems. Most of them probably have issues to continue their basic livelihoods. Some of them – parents of young children and others breadwinners of those still living.

We read with disgust the attempts been made to interfere in the police investigations and going to the extent of obtaining bail for nine of the suspects even before any investigations are completed. (The new Army Commander has attempted to soften the situation by stating that it was a mere request). 

Under these circumstances it is reasonable for the public to infer that the investigations presently taking place may not be fair?

I seriously repeat my proposal published in the papers a few days ago which I strongly believe is the only way out for this country to take a steadier path to progress!

My proposals were:

Through a Peoples Referendum place the following questions to the voters;

The rulers of both major parties since independence have failed to manage this country in a constructive manner Yes/No?

To remove the powers enjoyed by the present politicians through the Parliament (in other words suspend the Parliament for a specific period) Yes/No? 

To appoint a non-political public figure who presently enjoys all round respect from the public as the head of the Government for a ‘specified period’ Yes/No?

Such person to be given authority to appoint a cabinet to maximum of 15 professionals from specialised fields Yes/No?

This country as at today requires an overall change in the present structure and style of governance Yes or No?

The current president be allowed an extension of further three months in order to carry out the above responsibility Yes/No?

Rienzie Wijetilleke

Colombo 07