Poem on political paralysis

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Wearing their black cloaks they deliberated over weeks,To understand what was done by the Geeks.Turmoil with confusion with many who on constitutional matters did tweet,Self-proclaimed and qualified experts in their seat.The country in the meantime like headless horsemen,Running to and fro expecting trouble by henchmen. Wings of the modern so-called Dutugemunu king,Were clipped though he quipped as he tried tough to sing.A clown in sarong seated on high throne,Lead by hunger of power clearly shown.Put his feet in his mouth as it were seen,Beautifully lead by advisors has now lost his bean.The constitution between English and Sinhala had a miss,This to all lip-licking black coats was like bliss,As they now knew their coffers will be full,This season as they marched to ply this knowledge with their bull.The seven who now on the bench had a task.To pronounce their verdict with a facial mask.Democracy of sorts was upheld unlike the past,As the action by the Geek was overruled at last.Many were in euphoria ecstatic on this verdict,For what is an unknown entity unable to predict. This verdict however at the highest house of this country’s law,Now perhaps is assured to impeach this Geek for his flaw.The question of what next now is with all burning,As the public watch the story unfold here in yearning.Speculation now among all parties is rife,From here onwards wondering next of this country’s strife.