University of Moratuwa’s engineering exhibition EXMO 2017 from 28-29 April

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Among Sri Lanka’s universities, the University of Moratuwa is the undisputed leader in engineering, architectural and technological education. Every year the top 10% of students of the physical science stream from the GCE A/L become eligible to enter the university for their tertiary education in engineering and technology. The University of Moratuwa is known for creating brilliant alumni who spread the reputation of Sri Lanka worldwide with their amazing intellectual skills which makes this university a leader in engineering in the country.

The Faculty of Engineering of the University of Moratuwa is organising EXMO 2017, the engineering exhibition to enhance the bond of the faculty with the industry and with society. It will be held from 28-29 April within the university premises.

As a leading figure in the technological development of the country, it has been a responsibility to unveil the innovative ideas of the undergraduates to society and enhance the awareness of the local community regarding new and trending technologies.

The event demonstration can be separated into three main areas: final year project demonstrations, competition series and educational session series. Undergraduates who have been educating and improving themselves for four years and are about to step out into the corporate world are the final year students. The final year project is a mode of conveying their sound knowledge and harnessing the four years of their university education. 

At EXMO 2017, final year research projects will yield a prominent place among the exhibits. Held as energetic, interactive and entertaining sessions, a series of competitions will also be organised by each department for school students and students from other universities. 

Each department will create competitions which are relevant to their field of study. A series of educational sessions are being organised to enhance the technological knowledge of school students, undergraduates of the University of Moratuwa, undergraduates from other universities and the general public. Experts of the industry, lecturers of the university and undergraduates will be conducting the sessions.

Chemical and Process Engineering is one of the leading engineering disciplines in worldwide. The Department of Chemical and Process Engineering of the University of Moratuwa, with the intention of developing a sustainable future, will be demonstrating exhibits, laboratory practicals, product developments and project developments under disciples such as petrochemical, mineral processing, food, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, polymer and ceramic industries.

The Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Moratuwa is one of the strongest and well-established academic departments in the Sri Lankan university system. At EXMO 2017, it will focus on areas such as the environment, planning and designing of constructions, concrete, geological factors, transportation and structural mechanisms. Hydraulic lab demonstrations, bitumen lab demonstrations and survey camp displays including games using equipment will occupy a distinguished place among the exhibits. 

Two competitions based on making an earthquake-resistant building using the given material within a given time and making a building which has good structural stability using marshmallows will also be held to make things even more interesting for participants.

Computer Science Engineering is one of the most rapidly developing sectors in the world. The Department of CSE of the University of Moratuwa offers two streams of study - Computer Science and Engineering and Integrated Computer Engineering. 

The exhibits of the department will compromise wireless robot navigation challenge stalls, awareness session stalls regarding general tips about security, computers and software, cutting-edge technology stall, providing hands on experience with the latest technologies, and network gaming stalls. 

Further, to improve knowledge in a more enjoyable manner, a treasure hunt, school competition and an open competition will be organised.

Covering a broad spectrum of mining and minerals, the Department of Earth Resources Engineering utilises the strength of diverse expertise and a total integration to achieve a sustainable supply of the resources of the world. 

Mineral Lab, ocean wet lab, ventilation lab, geology lab and analytical lab experiments and displays will cover some important aspects of earth resource engineering. A live 3D mapping demonstration using drones will be one of the fascinating exhibits of the department. Apart from that, it will also contain final year research and industrial stalls.  

The Electrical Engineering Department is one of the leading electrical engineering institutes in Sri Lanka. The Department of Electrical Engineering will be displaying projects and exhibits covering a wide scope of power engineering, electrical installation, electrical machinery and system automation and robotics. 

It will be a non-intersecting opportunity for them to acknowledge well-equipped laboratories dedicated to the areas of electrical measurements, power systems, electrical machines, power electronics, high voltage, electrical installation and robotics and automation. 

Apart from the laboratories and projects, a series of competitions on the electrical installation criteria will be held to add more entertainment to the sessions. Special seminars, awareness programs and A/L practicals will be conducted to gain hands-on experience, discarding misconceptions on the electrical field and giving day-to-day electrical knowledge.

The Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering moulds the brightest Sri Lankan minds to be innovators and technology leaders throughout the globe. Undergraduates of the ENTC Department have prepared projects by joining their theories and experiences with innovative ideas in various fields like digital signal processing, telecommunication, machine vision/machine learning, electronics and robotics. Special projects like IOT projects, drones, sensors and modules will also be displayed for the knowledge of the public.   

Biomedical engineering is a newly emerged engineering department of the university. With the collaboration of biomedicine and engineering, its main focus is on neuron engineering, medical imaging, biomechanics and many more biomedical engineering-related applications. At EXMO 2017, innovative equipment specially designed by the biomedical department for the needs of biomedicine can be witnessed.   

A particular product or type of equipment is not a success without proper materials. This makes the field dealt with by the Department of Material Science and Engineering of the university vital. The department is taking measures to display developed materials and applications. Laboratories like the microscopy lab, polymer lab, foundry lab, ceramic lab and testing lab will display the modes of managing and developing production processes to conduct research and develop materials, including investigating component failures and designing engineering items and processing tools. Final year projects and other special projects like the failure of the ship the Titanic, Peltier cooler and magic with materials will steal the attention of participants at the exhibition.  



The Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Moratuwa is the leading department of Mechanical Engineering in Sri Lanka. The demonstrations and exhibits will mainly focus on areas such as research and innovation in various fields including automotive engineering, energy engineering, product design and manufacturing engineering and mechatronics and automation. 

At the exhibition, the department will be open to the public with many breathtaking inventions, innovations and creations along with workshops to enlighten visitors through day-to-day mechanical knowledge, Computer Aided Design competitions and the first-ever car which competed at the IMechE - Formula Student Racing 2016 held in Silverstone in the UK, which brought three awards to Sri Lanka    

Textile and Clothing is a widely developed industry in Sri Lanka. Preserving quality and innovation, the Department of Textile and Clothing Technology releases high-quality textile engineers to the world. Using facilities in the spinning lab, weaving lab, knitting lab, chemical lab and texting function and the application of machinery in textile engineering will be explained to people. They will use also EXMO 2017 as a platform to showcase the newest technology used in the textile industry together with the lab tests and ongoing and successful projects in areas such as technical textiles, automation and machinery. Fashion Design and Product Development, which is also a subdivision under Textile and Clothing Engineering, produces creative and unique fashion designers each year. EXMO 2017 will showcase their artistic creations to the outside world.

The Department of TLM was established as an attempt to answer the need for professional intervention in the Transport and Logistics industry. Presenting their knowledge and research outcomes, the department of TLM will be demonstrating models, videos and stalls to educate the general public regarding airlines, airports, public transport operators, regulatory agencies and supply chains. It will also be compromised of industrial stalls and a game zone with online quizzes.