Two supermarkets for Dehiwala and Mount-Lavinia

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Having visiting the public markets in the Dehiwala - Mount Lavinia Municipal area, Provincial Councils and Local Government Minister Faiszer Musthapha has directed the construction of two supermarkets in the same areas. 

Minister Musthapha inquired into the complaints made by the customers of Dehiwala and Mount Lavinia public markets during his tour.  

Accordingly, the Minister visited the public market located at the railway road in Dehiwala where it was revealed that approximately 25% of the three-story building of the  market was not being used. 

 Sellers complained that the building housing the Dehiwala public market has been constructed in 1983 and that it has not been repaired so far. In addition there were no vehicle parking facilities for the customers. 

Minister Musthapha pointed out that it was more useful to construct a new market complex in the area instead of repairing the old public market. Sellers stated they were agreeable to the idea providing new construction would not harm their livelihoods.

Following this Minister Musthapha visited the public market which is held daily located at Galle Road, Dehiwala. It was revealed that there were no vehicle parking facilities for customers, but a huge land area is abandoned beside the market, because the market did not even have the minimum facilities.

Sellers said that only a few customers visited the market, therefore there are only few stalls in the market. It was observed that the roof of the market building is broken and the toilets were not in a usable state. Minister directed the officers of the Dehiwala- Mt.Lavinia Municipal Council to repair the roof and the toilet of said market within two weeks. 

Then Minister visited the supermarket in Mt. Lavinia. It has been constructed in 1983, and now the building is somewhat damaged and unsafe. Minister observed that more than a half of that three- story building was not in use. 

Musthapha directed the officers of the Dehiwala-Mt Lavinia Municipal Council to take immediate steps to construct two supermarkets at Dehiwala and Mount Lavinia, after giving an alternative place for the sellers. 

He emphasised that the ideas of the customers and sellers also should be taken into consideration in these new constructions.