Sadaharitha says it holds exclusive patent for production of agarwood in Sri Lanka

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“The commercial production of agarwood which belongs to the Walla Patta genus can be guaranteed in Sri Lanka only through the CAKit (Cultivated Agarwood Kits). The patent for this technology in Sri Lanka is held exclusively by Sadaharitha Plantations,” Chief Executive Director, H.K. Rohana recently emphasised. “Sadaharitha Plantations have invested heavily in this technology and are engaged in agarwood cultivation as the exclusive country license holder for Sri Lanka,” he added. With the aim of developing commercial and economically feasible agarwood plantations, Prof. Robert Blanchette, from the University of Minnesota of the United States, through research and development invented the CAKit. Moreover, the implementation of successive Agarwood crops in Vietnam, gave further impetus for creating the product patent. Technology for the commercial production of Agarwood is through Cultivated Agarwood Ltd who engages in the exclusive licensing of the University of Minnesota technology. The organisation in turn directs the licensing of the technology globally with exclusive country licenses. Todate about six countries have exclusive country licenses through individual companies. Sadaharitha Plantations continue to remain the only local organisation among this elite few. The production of agarwood in Walla Patta and Aquilaria trees belonging to the Thymelaeaceae family can be carried out through this unique patent. While the inducement technology is the only application which guarantees agarwood formation in the resin producing trees, any use of the patent by companies other than Sadaharitha Plantations who have exclusive rights to the patent, is liable to be challenged and can face potential legal action. Potential agarwood investors should be aware of these facts as this crop is also a medium term investment opportunity. From cultivation as a home garden crop or even for larger investors, unscrupulous elements continue to publish their ability in agarwood technology and commercial forestry similar to that of Sadaharitha Plantations. However, the public should be aware that all seeds are imported to Sri Lanka by Sadaharitha Plantations after being certified and approved by the State Agriculture Department of Vietnam. Moreover, all the approvals from Sri Lanka’s own Agriculture Ministry and from the National Plant Quarantine Service are received assuring potential investors of the highest quality standards of the trees without any prohibitions in exporting the cultivated Agarwood end products. Compared to previously used traditional methods of agarwood production, the technology developed by the University of Minnesota and currently used, contributes towards the production of agarwood in an efficient, clean and sustainable manner, reaping rich dividends. As both Aquilaria and Gyrinops species trees are covered by the patent technology. Recent research studies spearheaded by Sadaharitha Plantations and carried out by the National Research Council has found that Gyrinops walla, locally known as Walla Patta found in Sri Lanka belonging to the Gyrinops genre can also produce valuable agarwood resins. Purchasing the CAKit for the inducement and application of agarwood formation can only be done through Sadaharitha Plantations. For over a decade, Sadaharitha Plantations Company has been in the forefront of commercial forestry with environment friendly projects contributing towards the conservation and protection of this vital sector. Adhering to all regulations and legal framework their commercial forestry investments continue to yield successful dividends. More importantly, Sadaharitha throughout their decade of operations has not received any customer complaints to-date from any dissatisfied investors. The organisation is also an ISO certified plantation management company and was the recent recipient of the first ever Gold Award at the ‘National Green Awards 2012’, among the Private and Public Sector organised by the Central Environmental Authority of Sri Lanka.