Maldives opposition submits proposals to Govt.

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MALE (Xinhua): The main opposition in the Maldives has submitted a set of proposals to the government to end the political crisis in the country, officials said on Thursday.

The festival of the famous Nallur Kandaswamy temple was held last morning. The historic festival draws devotees from around the island as well as overseas. Seen here are a large number of devotees taking part in religious ceremonies – Pic by Samantha Perer

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) said its proposals mainly center on a commission of inquiry which is to conclude its investigations into the change of Presidency in February this year.

MDP spokesman Hamid Abdul Ghafoor said that the proposals were submitted to the government during all party talks held on Tuesday.

The report by the Commission of National Inquiry on the 7 February transfer of power will be released on 30 August.

Ghafoor said the MDP realises the potential disagreements that may occur with the release of the report’s findings and are ready to agree on a strategy in order to maintain peaceful political activity in the country once the report is released.

The Commission of National Inquiry was set up after MDP leader Mohammad Nasheed alleged he was forced to resign as President in February in order to allow current President Mohammad Waheed to take power.

Ghafoor said that if the commission finds that the events of 7 February amounted to a coup d’etat and an illegal transfer of power, the MDP proposes for Nasheed and the former government to be reinstated immediately.

 However if the commission deems that the transfer of power on 7 February was constitutional, the MDP will accept the conclusion and look forward to elections in 2013, Ghafoor said.

The Maldives has seen street protests led by the MDP since February but recently the MDP announced it was suspending the protests in order to initiate dialogue.