JVP blames Govt. for allowing ‘imperialist forces’ to exploit the country

Friday, 8 March 2013 00:20 -     - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}

The JVP says this government, like its predecessors, has allowed imperialist forces to exploit the country’s economy, resources and labor.

JVP politburo member, K.D. Lalkantha said that the only problem faced by the imperialists in relation to the current government is that the country is being ruled according to the tribal system, which is also known as the “Tangalle” system.

He observed that the uncivilized means of governing by the current administration came out in the open with the introduction of the 18th Amendment to the Constitution.

According to Lalkantha, the imperialists are displeased with the government since the uncivilized way of ruling the country would have a negative impact on the imperialists’ agenda.

“Before the Tangalle system it was the Cinnamon Garden system, which maintained a cordial relationship with the imperialists. That is what the imperialists want,” he noted.

He added that the masses need to realize the real situation and work towards defeating the imperialists as well as the local administrative systems that pave the way for such forces to intervene in the country.