I won’t let those who reigned with fraud and corruption rule this country again: President

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President Maithripala Sirisena emphasises that he would not let those who crowned with the fraud, corruption, waste and robbery to rule this country again.

“I will work together with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to build the country definitely by taking it out from the economic crises, created by the former government, putting ninety thousand million loan burden on the country while talking about a colorful development”, he said.

The President was speaking at the first ceremony to mark the five years way ahead of the consensual government, held on Friday at the SanathJayasuriya Playground in Matara. 

“Though some groups are trying to change the government with their dreams which never come true, they never will be able to achieve their objectives”, he added. The consensual government will be taken forward with a quality and wise political knowledge. The future of its journey will be decided in 2020” the President further said.

“Prime MinisterRanil Wickremesinghe and I love this country than those who shout, appearing as patriots”, he said. He emphasised that he would never allow any country or power in world to subjugate the country.

“While the government is acting to solve the problems by taking the proposals of the Human Rights Council into consideration, some people spread false canards by criticizing it. I suggest them to provide relevant options to the government if the proposals selected by us are not good”, he stated.  

“A strong reconciliation process is carried out in the country by the current government which has a foundation creates a background for the citizens either in the North or the South need to take weapons into their hands”, he further said..

President Sirisena said that the consensual government, getting rid of the fraud and corruption, is on a clear path by punishing those who engaged in frauds. “If we get any clear information about any fraud and corruption done by those who are in the current government, they will be punished than the persons who did fraud and corruption during the former government as well”, the President further stated.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and the Ministers and the Members of the consensual government in Parliament participated in this occasion. 

PM promises massive economic revolution in South


Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe says the current government has implemented several programs to develop the South and the region will undergo a massive economic revolution in the near future.

Speaking at the first anniversary celebration of the unity government in Matara, the Premier added that the government is ready to bring ships to the Hambantota Harbour.

“We will bring one million high end tourists to the airport which is reigned over by crows and peacocks, promoting the economy of the Southern region,” he said.

The PM said the Financial City Project with China has far reaching economic benefits to Sri Lanka.

“We entered into a financial city agreement which is expected to have far reaching economic benefits to Sri Lanka and the creation of higher paying service sector jobs,” he said.

The Prime Minister pointed out that a year ago Sri Lanka was a heavily indebted country unable to pay back loans and that the national government has managed to turn things around and achieve many things during this short period.

He said the unity government’s achievements so far are only the beginning and the government will achieve a number of milestones by the second anniversary celebrations.

Pointing out that he did not sign an agreement with LTTE leader Prabhakaran to win an election, the Premier questioned who the traitor is and asserted that he would under no circumstance sign such an agreement.

“It is not me who entered an agreement with Prabhakaran to secure an election victory. But we are labelled as traitors,” he said.

Prime Minister Wickremesinghe said the government has put a full stop to the political vengeance and will unitedly build the country and the future.

Premier Wickremesinghe added that the former President had given an undertaking to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon that his government will take legal action against those responsible for alleged human rights violations.

The Prime Minister called on the country’s people to unite to build the village, the country and the country’s future.