“Beacons of Light” -Islamic talks by Sheikh Belal Assaad

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Inspirational and widely respected scholar Sheikh Belal Assaad from Melbourne, Australia will, Insha Allah, deliver a series of Islamic Lectures on the theme “Beacons of Light” advocating Islamic teachings of good social conduct and guidance for youth. Talks will be held at the Lower Bagatalle Road Jummah Masjid, Colombo 03, and  at the Moors Islamic Cultural Home at 7, Lily Avenue, Colombo 06. The Programme is as follows and all late

– evening lectures are open for ladies and gents

“Those who desire Paradise” – Thursday 5th January – 8:00 pm – Lower Bagatalle Masjid Colombo 03

“Parents, your Heaven, your Hell” - Friday 6th January -  8:00 pm – MICH Hall Colombo 06

“What are your Priorities in Life?” Saturday 7th January – 8:00 pm – MICH Hall Colombo 06

“Youth Culture – Sahaba (as) as Role Models” - Sunday 8th January – 8:00 pm  Lower Bagatalle Masjid  Colombo 03

In addition to the above, Sheikh Belal will, Insha Allah, deliver Jummah Kuthba at Bagatalle Masjid on Friday 6th January 2011