Amunugama says tax rates will be reduced in the future

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Special Assignments Minister Dr. Sarath Amunugama says that although this year a certain tax burden was imposed on the people, in the coming years no further taxes will be imposed and that action will be taken to reduce the rate of taxation.

Participating in the establishment of the Galagedara SLFP Bala Mandala at Hatharaliyadda on 4 December, the Minister said that due to the heavy debt burden inherited from the previous regime the Government was compelled to impose taxes in order to secure the revenue needed by the Government. However, he continued that once the necessary income is secured no further taxes will be imposed.

The Minister said that in 2017 the Government will receive sufficient revenue and that it will receive $ 1.1 billion from China for the Hambantota harbour and $ 500 million for the Mattala airport. Once the loans are settled with the income received, the Minister said that it will be possible to provide a better service to the people. He further said that if Government revenue goes up, instead of imposing taxes it will be possible to give the people subsidies and other benefits.


The minister said that it was he who has been appointed as the chief of the project for the eradication of poverty, by the President and the Prime Minister.

He said that the eradication of poverty is our main objective. There are no teachers to teach subjects like English, Science and Mathematics to children of low income families. The reason for the low production of educated persons from areas like Galagedara and Hatharaliyadda is the lack of adequate facilities in these areas. Therefore our Government is taking action to recruit 48,000 trained youth to teach English, Science, Computer science, foreign languages etc.

Speaking further the Minister said as follows: “In the poverty eradication program next year I will take the Samurdhi program in Galagedara under me. We must examine as to who should get Samurdhi benefits and who is drawing Samurdhi benefits under false pretences, etc. We must look at the way payments are made and systematise the processes. In this electorate over 5,000 persons receive samurdhi benefits. I will introduce a system in this electorate whereby Samurdhi beneficiaries will receive their payments direct into their bank accounts. I will see that low income recipients in the Galagedara electorate will get land, houses and a good means of livelihood under this Government.

“Today SLFPers have rallied round President Maithripala Sirisena. Whatever number of parties there may be there is no party that can attract as big a percentage of people as the SLFP. Our sole aim is to establish an SLFP Government under the leadership of Maithripala Sirisena in 2020.


“It is Alibaba and the 40 thieves who wrongly amassed money while being in our party who have now formed a flower bud party. They who were not even capable of buying a bicycle earlier have amassed a large amount of money after coming into politics. During the period of the last Presidential election campaign the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa said that he has files on MPs and that at the opportune time he will bring them out. I challenge him to hand over to the Police the files of the MPs who are in his flower bud. It is to take this country back to corruption that this flower bud party is trying.

“The big brain of the party Basil Rajapaksa has sought permission to visit America for six months. What will happen to the flower bud torch bearers of the Galagedara electorate who seek membership of that party? Are they going to get instructions from America? Whatever anyone might say members of the SLFP will never abandon that party.”

Minister Dr. Amunugama said that definitely an SLFP Government will be established in 2020.

Office bearers of the Galagedara SLFP Bala Mandalaya for the ensuing year were elected on this occasion. Minister Sarath Amunugama, the electorate organiser was elected as President while Messrs. Gamini Gunasekara, Sarath Navaratna, Douglas Dedunupitiya, I.M. Tikiribandara, S.P.K. Mediwatta were elected as Vice Presidents. Chandana Kadwathamudali and Asela Weerakoon were elected as Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

Thereafter the Minister handed over the equipment and material assistance that the Hatharaliyadda Divisional Secretariat was donating to self-employed persons in the Galagedara electorate.