Sajith pledges to address youth issues

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  • Signs social contract with youth
  • Pledges to create more space for youth voices 
  • Plans to establish technical training centres for youth 
  • Says prominence will be given for youth in development process

United National Party (UNP) presidential aspirant Sajith Premadasa yesterday pledged that he will address youth issues if he is elected and introduce development projects to harness the younger generation’s abilities to develop the country. 

Sajith Premadasa

At an event held at the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium, Premadasa signed a social contract pledging to address youth issues. Addressing the event, Premadasa said he would take necessary measures to pass laws to strengthen youth and address their issues.

“Around 25% of the population is young. The youth are engaged in various sectors of the economy and society and they are the driving force of the country. Therefore, we have to look to youth for inclusive development projects for the betterment of the future,” he said.

He noted the contract signed with youth would give more space for young people to be involved in development activities. Premadasa pointed out that youth are essential for sustainable development as the younger generation’s free thinking would open doors for new development strategies.

“Following a lengthy discussion with youth I have been able to identify 14 key areas that are needed to improve opportunity and empower youth. The social contract will be assured that they will be stronger than ever.”

He noted that if he is elected, he will create an environment where prominence will be given to youth in the development process. He pointed out that youth is a key party for decision making and including them will be a key practice under his Government.

Referring to introducing digital technology to every level of the country, Premadasa said he would establish technical training centres in every Divisional Secretariat. He noted technological training would empower youth to develop their skills on par with the modern job market. He argued technological training would address the skills gap between rural and urban areas.