President opens Rajagiriya flyover today

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President Maithripala Sirisena will open the Rajagiriya flyover as part of ceremonies to mark the third anniversary of his election.

The flyover, constructed at Welikada junction in Rajagiriya, is expected to provide a long-term solution to the heavy traffic congestion in the Rajagiriya area.

Even though construction on the flyover was scheduled to be completed by the end of this year, steps were taken under the guidance of the President to complete construction 11 months ahead of schedule for the convenience of the public.

Construction work, conducted jointly by both a local and Spanish company, commenced in 2016. The project, which costs Rs. 4.7 billion, was financed through a soft loan of Rs. 4.3 billion from the Government of Spain.

The 533-metre-long and 21.4-metre-wide fly-over comprises a total of four lanes, with two lanes going each way.

In parallel with this project, several roads around the Rajagiriya area will be developed and an alternative road towards Narahenpita will be developed while the road towards Buthgamuwa will be developed with a total of three lanes.

The flyover was built using modern technology and in accordance with top engineering standards. It is slated to be added to the country’s roadway history as the first flyover constructed by filling concrete surfaces on metal. 

During periods of heavy traffic congestion in Rajagiriya, the speed of vehicles moving on this road is slower than 2 kilometres per hour and after the completion of this flyover the speed limits of vehicles are expected to increase eightfold.

“This flyover can be considered one of the most significant road development projects implemented by the present Government under the leadership of President Maithripala Sirisena, giving the benefits of sustainable development for the country and it also can be considered an important milestone in the process of strengthening the economy of this country,” the President’s office said in a statement ahead of the flyover’s opening.