Misconceptions intentionally created to show MR in anti-minority light: Namal

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  • Denies any disharmony among ethnic communities  
  • Namal claims extremism was spread by foreign nation to destabilise SL

While calling all communities to come together to develop the country, former MP Namal Rajapaksa this week warned that people with hidden foreign agendas were attempting to destabilise the country, by backing questionable leaders who would in turn support them.

Rajapaksa expressed these views at a Muslim youth gathering held in Kurunegala. He noted that there was no disagreement between any communities in the country, and claimed that only political motives were behind all incidents that had arisen between communities.

“For instance, in the incident in Mawanella where a Buddhist statue was vandalised, it was a Muslim youth who informed about the incident. That clearly shows there is no disagreement or tension between communities in the country,” he said.  

According to Rajapaksa, propaganda has created a misconception of Mahinda Rajapaksa regarding the Tamil and Muslim communities. He noted that foreign nations were behind the casting of Mahinda Rajapaksa as an anti-minority leader, to fulfil their agendas and destabilise the country.

“The mission to tarnish Mahinda Rajapaksa’s reputation started with forming political parties based on religion and ethnicity. Such political parties are controlled by forces with hidden agendas to destabilise the country,” he claimed.

“Today, countries are being invading after disrupting the country’s economy, culture, religion. The same thing happened to Libya. Before 2015, those forces attempted to do the same for Sri Lanka to achieve their goals.”

He noted that all communities came together to defeat the LTTE in 2009. According to Rajapaksa, after defeating the LTTE, groups behind the terror organisations attempted different methods to destabilise the country. “Those forces spread extremism in the country in 2012, and as a result of that, Mahinda Rajapaksa was defeated at the Presidential Election in 2015.”

He claimed foreign nations, which he did not name, were directly involved in creating disputes among communities in the country. He noted that those foreign forces were attempting to create disruptions in the country to create tensions among communities.

Referring to the previous administration and political parties formed based on religion and ethnicity, Rajapaksa charged that minority political parties were unable to address issues of communities they represent.

“If you look at a Muslim village, we cannot be happy about the condition. However, Muslim politicians were elected to lift the living conditions in those areas. But this does not happen in reality. Therefore the time has come to think wisely and select the right people.”

He pledged to address inter-community issues and treat all communities in the country equally.  Rajapaksa assured that under the SLPP Government, everyone will be able to harness benefits of development.