Simple solutions for a professional finish with 3M car care

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3M Sri Lanka, the local subsidiary of global innovation giant and leading supplier to the automotive industry, held a live car care demonstration at 3M Head Office recently. The event was organised to familiarise the 3M product range among vehicle enthusiasts in Sri Lanka, to give simple tips to improve the look and feel of the vehicle and how to get a professional finish at a fraction of the cost. To most Sri Lankan vehicle owners, their vehicle remains one of their biggest assets. In this era of phenomenal rises in vehicle prices, more people tend to keep their vehicle for longer thus increasing the need to keep their vehicle in good running condition and a ‘new looking’ appearance. This ultimately drives up the re-sale value, which is crucial when they decide to upgrade to a newer vehicle/model. Many of us love our cars, are passionate about its upkeep, and we either work hard or are willing to pay top dollar to keep it in pristine condition. But the vagaries of the weather, swirl marks, rust, scratches, stains, bird droppings, tree sap, over-exposed to the sun, acidic rain, dried berry stains, sand and loose gravel picked up by other vehicles and thrown at yours, glue from tapes and even bad car shampoos can damage the paint work and/or underbody of your car and leave your cars exquisite factory paint job tarnished. Periodic care and maintenance is good, however your personal attention to keep the car shining using good quality shampoos and wax polishes alone is essential in keeping your car looking brand new. The technical team of 3M gave a briefing of 3M products and good practices to keep a car looking new. They emphasised the need of regular washing, waxing, vacuum cleaning and checking fluid levels, tire pressure, battery, lights air filter & and /C filter, etc., for better maintenance. The team demonstrated step by step process of cleaning a vehicle using their top of the range solutions that included car wash shampoo, waxes, leather and vinyl restorer, tire restorer, glass cleaner and microfiber detail cloth, all of which are products used by professionals, but now available to be used at the convenience of one’s home. Romie Perera, Technical Services Engineer of 3M Industrial Business Group instructed: “You should  never use domestic detergents, domestic soap, hair shampoo, kerosene, solvents and glass cleaning in the cleaning process and should not wipe glasses with newspapers or such similar materials. They can severely damage the outlook of the vehicle.” 3M products are available in many supermarkets and can easily be used by vehicle owners on their own even without any expert knowledge. Vehicle owners who are specific about quality and standards of the products used on their vehicles thus can be satisfied by doing the job themselves. The range of products also appeal to vehicle owners who look for better look and better performance for money well spent. Speaking at the event, Rasith Senarath, Division Manager, Industrial & Transportation Business for 3M Lanka said: “3M knows the great value of a vehicle to its owner. Buying a car is the second largest investment for most of the people after their home which requires a big share of their savings. It is important for the car owners to take good care of their cars to save money spent unnecessarily at car care centres and repair shops and preserve this valuable investment.” By raising awareness about 3M products and their specific uses, 3M offered exclusive knowledge of simple practices that are crucial to keeping the car in pristine condition.