Mazda SkyACTIV technology takes another step forward

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i-ELOOP regenerative braking How does it work? Every time you hit the brakes, energy is wasted when the brake pads rub against the discs. Imagine if that energy could somehow be captured and stored for use when you need it? This is now possible thanks to the i-ELOOP regenerative braking technology showcased in the Mazda 6. 1. Regenerative alternator Think of the dynamo that illuminates the lights on a bicycle. It gets its power from the turn of the wheel and, therefore, in turn from your legs. When the dynamo is engaged, it’s harder to pedal. That dynamo does the same job as the alternator in your car but the alternator also has to charge the battery, which in turn powers your stereo, windows, air conditioning, the spark for your engine and, of course, your lights. In normal cars, the alternator is driven constantly by the engine, sapping power from it. With Mazda’s i-ELOOP, the alternator is disengaged under acceleration (making your car go faster) and connected under braking to send power to the capacitor. 2. Mazda’s Electric Double Layer Capacitor (EDLC) Under braking or deceleration, the alternator is engaged and generates electricity to be stored in an EDLC and is used to drive the car’s electrical systems. What does it mean to me? In a normal car, 5% to 12% of the fuel is used to generate electricity. By using regenerative energy, the equivalent amount of fuel can be saved. But the best news is that because the alternator is disengaged under acceleration, more power goes to the wheels and makes the Mazda faster. SkyACTIV – Body and chassis How does it work? Like all future Mazda cars, the Mazda 6 is built upon lightweight SkyACTIV body and chassis technology. That makes it lighter but, thanks to Mazda’s pioneering use of high-tensile steel, it’s also even stronger and safer. What does it mean to me? You don’t need to be an engineer to feel the difference that being light makes. Agility through the corners, better acceleration and braking performance, less fuel burned and lower emissions are all guaranteed to raise a smile. SkyACTIV – Drive How does it work? SkyACTIV – Drive is Mazda’s new six-speed automatic transmission. What’s unique about the system is that it ‘locks up’ to directly connect the engine to the driven wheels up to 90% of the time. What does it mean to me? A huge improvement in efficiency makes for more responsive acceleration, but also more saving at the fuel pumps and in the atmosphere. Fast reacting gear selection and the sheer power of the petrol engine join forces for a real ‘zoom-zoom’ drive. SkyACTIV – G engine with i-stop How does it work? Mazda’s i-stop idling stop system automatically shuts the engine down when you come to a complete halt after braking, saving the fuel wasted when stopped in traffic or at a signal to improve fuel economy by as much as 5%. Release the brake pedal and fuel is injected directly into the cylinder ready for an almost instantaneous restart – just 0.35 seconds for SkyACTIV – G engines. What’s more, because i-stop uses combustion energy rather than the starter motor, restarts are both quicker and smoother. What does it mean to me? The savings will make you feel good, but this engine loves to be revved and delivers a strong wave of power. Mazda in Sri Lanka is represented by Colonial Motors (Ceylon) Limited. Customers can visit the Mazda showroom at 297, Union Place, Colombo 2 and view all Mazda SkyACTIV models on display.