Looking for the best luxury car? Porsche tops

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Following the reduction in import duties the vehicle market is on a roll with sales speeding to record levels. The luxury car segment too has got onto the high gear though deciding which brand to hand pick is tough terrain. A useful guide is ratings compiled by specialist J.D. Power and Associates in the US. As per its findings last year Porsche emerged the best in ratings factors

1) overall performance and design, 2) performance, 3) comfort, 4) features and instrument panel  and 5) style. Porsche scored the maximum five marks bringing the total to 25 points in all five criteria. Jaguar and Land Rover shared the second place with 21 points. The third slot was shared by several brands such as BMW, Audi, Acura and Mercedes apparently relegating them to almost like, if the marketing text book phrase is to be used, “me too” products. Here are the top 10 brands based on J.D. Power’s automatic performance execution and layout (APEAL). In compiling the top 10 especially those at the bottom some brands which are not widely available had been omitted by Daily FT. Aura is the only exception since it was on top.

1. Porsche

2. Jaguar

3. Land Rover

4. Acura

5. Audi

6. BMW

7. Lexus

8. Mercedes

9. Ford

10. Volvo

Source: J.D. Power and Associates