Leader Group introduces battery manufacturing technology for two wheelers

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dhCaption: (Left to Right) Shehan Cooray, Kaijie Group Chen Chairman, Hatton National Bank Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Alles, Leader Group CEO Anurudhdha Wijekoon, Leader Group Chairmen Sriyantha Cooray, Shamal Fernando, and Leader Group Managing Director Dushanthi Cooray



For the first time in Sri Lanka, Leader Group has introduced battery manufacturing technology for two wheelers. In the past, this technology was only available in Japan, USA, China and other well developed countries. Today, Leader Group has contributed towards the development of our nation by transferring the ability to manufacture two wheeler batteries in our own country. Leader Group is proud to implement this high quality battery manufacturing technology carried out by Sri Lankans, in Sri Lanka. This technology will remain in the country for generations to come and will continue contributing towards the development of the nation.

In cooperation with one of the largest two wheeler battery manufacturers in the world, a multinational company “Kaijie Group”, we have built a fully automated manufacturing plant for the production of high quality sealed type, lead acid, maintenance free batteries for two wheelers. This is collaboration between USA, Malaysia and China, and the R & D department lies in the hands of our USA partner. Leader Group is the first Sri Lankan company in the two wheeler industry to manufacture superior quality batteries in Sri Lanka. 

The launch event was held in celebration of this pioneering quality battery manufacturing plant introduced by Leader Group, the first of its kind in Sri Lanka. At this unique and historic launch, we had over 300 two wheeler spare parts dealers from all corners of the island, sharing in our pride.

The fully pledged automated Battery factory was declared opened by the chief guest Hatton National Bank  Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Alles on 23 April  in Pokunuwita, Horana. The Guest of Honor of the event was Chen the Chairman of Kaijie Group, China which is one of the largest motorcycle battery manufacturers in the world. There was a high powered delegation from the People Republic of China, United States of America and Malaysia.

Leader Group intends to export these premium quality batteries to countries like India, Bangladesh and Pakistan in the near future. As a result of this venture, not only will there be more employment generation, but Sri Lanka will also earn much needed foreign exchange. We believe this new page in the automobile industry of Sri Lanka will strongly benefit the nation as a whole.

Leader Group was founded in 2004 and is now the leading spare parts distributor for the two and three wheeler industry. The ISO 9001 certified company consists of triple giants in the automotive aftermarket in Sri Lanka; Leader Automobile Ltd, Leader Battery Manufacturing Ltd and Leader Corporation Ltd. Leader Automobile Ltd is the country’s leading two-wheeler spare part distributing wing with a network of over 2300 outlets. Leader Battery Manufacturing Ltd is Sri Lanka’s first motorcycle battery manufacturer and Leader Corporation Ltd is the operator of the island-wide network of genuine spare parts provider for three-wheelers. Some of the leading brands that Leader Group owns dealership of include Endurance, Champion, Kaijie, Servo, Rockman–Hero, Riyelta, Steel Bird, Nandi Tyres, Aurangabad electricals and Supreme.

Our new battery manufacturing plant uses the latest technology in producing two wheeler batteries. The manufacturing process focuses heavily on the safety and quality standards of the product. Every battery is quality checked manually at five different points before it is sent for distribution. Apart from that, these are the unique qualities of Kaijie Battery produced by Leader Group.

  •     Power consistency, hence longer life
  •     ISO 9001 standards& Japanese Industrial Standards(JIS)
  •     AGM separators are used
  •     Raw materials such as lead, plastic and sulfuric acid are 100% virgin
  •     Water vibration charging system
  •     Battery is fully sealed. No leakage.
  •     Factory activated: filled, sealed and charged at the factory.
  •     No re-filling. No maintenance
  •     Manufactured with nano gel technology
  •     Auto repair, no short circuit
  •     Attractive, eye catching style
  •     Fully automated quality control system
  •     Our 12V batteries have various capacities that are suitable for all types of two wheelers in the Sri Lankan market. The water vibration system is used to charge batteries to its optimum charging capacity which reduces the idle discharge rate and as a result the life span of the battery is increased. Also, our R&D team has contributed towards making sure the battery is suitable for the hot and humid weather conditions in the country, as well as the road conditions throughout the Island. Therefore, a Kaijie Battery for your two wheeler is the battery that feels right!