Land Rover installs Pentana DMS to upgrade services

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SML Frontier Automotive has chosen Pentana Solutions, a global Dealer Management System provider, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia to install a new DMS into their automotive operations. SML Frontier Automotive is the sole importer for Land Rover in Sri Lanka, with a large and diverse customer base, hence the need to install a superior DMS. SML Frontier Automotive Managing Director Sheran Fernando said that in searching for a suitable DMS vendor it was important to find a true business partner who was able to provide a customised solution to suit their requirements.     Pentana Solutions is a leading communications and information technology company that specialises in the development of software services and solutions for the automotive and associated industries across the globe. In Australia alone 72% of all vehicles sold in Australia are sold through a Pentana Solutions system “Combining solutions and services, our focus is on delivering new innovations, to increase the profitability of our customers, reducing profit leaks and improving margins. Utilising the latest technology, we provide an innovative range of solutions and services that help our clients to exceed their current and future business needs,” said Des Noendeng of Pentana Solutions. Noendeng went on to say that at Pentana, their Solutions Team, is dedicated to providing solutions to meet the ever-changing requirements of the automotive dealer. “It is a promise that we will not just sell the technology, but continue to deliver, train and support the many users of DealerPRO”. Pentana’s array of products and services are used daily – from the general public, retail car dealerships, the panel repair industry, truck, heavy equipment, agriculture and marine franchises and a wide spectrum of industry associates. Pentana Solutions develops software tools and services aimed at specifically assisting dealerships to increase their profits. “Systems are run up by one of our highly trained engineers specifically meeting the dealership’s requirements and then shipped to the dealership.  This ensures a turnkey solution that is staged and tested prior to shipping,” said Noendeng. Fernando said that when it came to the selection process, SML Frontier Automotive decided on Pentana due to several reasons: “Pentana Solutions has worked in the automotive industry for more than 34 years, they have been the dominant player in the Asia Pacific Region for over 12 years. Pentana Solutions spent over 5.5 million GBP on research and development in 2010, while over 139 dealers in the last 12 months have moved to Pentana Solutions. They also deliver a single, centralised database to their clients.” Pentana’s prestigious customer base includes Toyota, Lexus, Jaguar, Jeep, Nissan, Ford, Hyundai, Chrysler, Peugeot, Suzuki, Volvo, KIA, Yamaha and many others. Fernando went on to say that Pentana was committed to progress, with new business units being developed constantly to address all the needs of their customer base. “Pentana Solutions are the leader in transforming automotive retailing with over 5.5 million GBP being spent every year in research and development to develop and enhance their product range.” Designed by dealers for dealers, DealerPRO is designed by dealers in the automotive, truck and agricultural industries which enables their software to be the closest possible fit to one’s business. Based on the core departments of a dealership, DealerPRO will help bring much needed efficiency to an organisation’s dealership operations, department by department, person by person as well as saving time and money by improving business process. DealerPRO’s design and easy navigation reduces keystrokes by up to 60%. It offers a built in email and fax facility, powerful financial reporting and fully integrated real time design. With tools to help you reduce your operating costs and increase your bottom line, their software will help focus on fine-tuning one’s business. “Because DealerPRO is so easy to use, it delivers better product utilisation than any other dealer management system. This ensures you get to take full advantage of the system and gain the maximum results for your dealership. These functions add efficiency, user ease and saves money. In addition, DealerPRO’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) will enable us to manage the sales cycle in a manner that generates pure profit, thus enabling us to better serve our customers”, said Fernando. “Together we are in a better position to serve our customers, while exciting events and island wide workshops, are also part of SML Frontier Automotive’s future plans.”