Fast, feline Jaguar F Type roadster launched

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By David Ebert Regency Automobiles Ltd., the official dealer and importer of luxury Jaguar cars, launched the automobile giant’s latest offering, the Jaguar F Type two-seater sports car, at a glittering launch event held at the Museum Gallery Cafe on Friday (5). The F Type is Jaguar’s first attempt at a sports model in almost 50 years since it launched the great Jaguar E Type in 1964, which the iconic Enzo Ferrari named the most beautiful car ever created. The F Type in this sense has a lot to live up to and will look to challenge its biggest rival, the Porsche 911’s dominance over the sport cabriolet roadster category. Aesthetically, the F Type retains Jaguar’s love of clean lines and beautiful curves giving the car an almost feline grace and looking at this one, you’d half expect it to purr to life at a turn of the key. In the power department this car doesn’t you disappoint either, with its chunky C Type-ish front end hiding from you a choice between the 3 litre V6 for the F Type/F Type S and a 5 litre V8 F Type S. Producing 495PS and 625NM of torque in the F Type V8 S, it gives you an astonishing torque-to-weight ratio of 375NM/ton, accelerating to 100 kmph in a nippy 4.2 seconds and on to an electronically limited top speed to 300 kmph. In comparison, the 380PS V6 F Type S does the 0 to 100kmph sprint in a relatively quick 4.9 seconds with an electronically limited top speed of 275 kmph. The 340PS V6 F Type does the sprint to 100 kmph in a slightly slower 5.6 seconds and has it top speed limited to 260 kmph. All in all, it is as quick as you would want it for Sri Lankan roads. The F Type also comes standard with an active exhaust system with valves that open out over 3000rpms giving its exhaust notes a bit of a thrilling crescendo at the red line. The F Type also possesses a set of eight closely-spaced sporting ratios in its Quickshift transmission giving you greater control. In addition, the V6 comes packed with a unique and thrilling Dynamic Launch feature which serves to optimise your takeoff from a start and will make you feel that extra bit of G force when you do pop that clutch. The focus on driver involvement and sporting performance in the F Type is emphasised in the one-plus-one layout of the asymmetric cabin. This is evidenced by a grab handle which sweeps down the centre console on the passenger side, delineating it from the driver’s side. Further differentiation is provided by the use of different use of trim materials either side of the cabin, with a more technical finish on the driver’s side. Speaking on F Type Jaguar Vehicle Line Director Ian Hoban: “With the F Type, the Jaguar engineering team focused on delivering greater dynamic driving reward than ever before. To make that a reality, every engineer has had very tough targets to hit and every one of those targets has been met and in many cases exceed, making the F Type a car that delivers precisely the key sporting attributes that we intended.” For additional information and specs on the F Type variants visit and or call 5 394 252.