Top UK fashion marketing degree in SL

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Award winning Marketer and Board Director in the Public and Private sector Rohantha Athukorala recently said that, “With more and more industries in Sri Lanka, recognising the value added by design to industries, ‘design’ is certainly becoming the most talked about value addition for new businesses or for the enhancement of a current one to a new league.”

At the forefront of this movement is Sri Lankan fashion and apparel industry that has embraced design into its process and is starting to harness its results.  As this industry and many others move up the value chain, a new creative industries sector also emerges in the country, existing to add value, create employment and wealth for the economy; this is as it is to progress further and brands to be created as we see with totally Sri Lankan owned, led and manufactured Sri Lankan fashions and design brands emerge.

A combined solution of marketing and design becomes critical.

“In this light, I commend AOD for bringing one of UK’s flagship programmes in fashion marketing to Sri Lanka” Rohantha said.

As Sri Lanka’s fashion and apparel manufacturing, and designer fashion boutiques grow in size and numbers, it will become crucial to project the individual brands and companies to the clienteles.

This is where fashion marketing professionals come in. Fashion marketing combines advertising and promotion with fashion and design along with a strong business perspective to get a fashion brand get the attention it needs to succeed.

Fashion marketers have a good understanding of the current trends in the market and on what will be stylish in the future which makes them visionaries in fashion who not only recognise what determines a fashion success. Athukorala further commented that having an internationally renowned UK degree in fashion marketing will have a massive impact in the country in the long run; “Northumbria University Design School is one of the top five design universities in Europe and it’s a first for Sri Lanka and big win for the country,” Athukorala emphasised, who is involved in branding Sri Lanka in the different capacities he services on key brand Marketing Boards of the country.

The Northumbria fashion marketing degree is designed to share the key theoretical concepts in fashion marketing as well as practical know-how that includes industry collaborative projects and internships that gives them industry experience and valuable business connections even before graduating.

Sri Lanka’s massive apparel industry as well as the growing designer clothing boutique will greatly benefit from internationally qualified group of degree holders from this program.  

The admissions for this award-winning fashion marketing degree program are now open. To find out more about Northumbria University School of Design international degrees in Sri Lanka at AOD International Design Campus, call Shirmi on 0775 980 141, or visit the campus at 29, Lauries road, Colombo 4, between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on weekdays, or log on to