SLIM President outlines lessons from brand excellence

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The Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM) recently announced the launch of the SLIM Brand Excellence Awards 2013, adding yet another significant awards ceremony to its series of events organised annually to uplift the standards of the marketing fraternity in Sri Lanka. “Over a period of a decade, SLIM Brand Excellence has evolved to enable the best practices in branding being rewarded. Even if one doesn’t take part, it is worthwhile to merely fill out the entry kit to align thinking towards the brand as well as reflect upon your strategy,” said SLIM President Gamika de Silva. “Many brand managers do not get an opportunity to showcase the efforts put into creating a successful brand. Therefore, SLIM Brand Excellence provides the best opportunity to showcase such success at a national level.” Analysing the reasons for not participating in the awards program, he stated that some may be scared of competition. They may lack self-confidence or lack experience but they should still take up the challenge, he encouraged. Recalling his own experience, he revealed that he was quite nervous at first to come and present his case. “It’s a once in a lifetime experience for a brand manager and he must muster sufficient courage to come forward and meet the panel and present a success story in front of the judges,” he pointed out. SLIM has arranged workshops and discussions to familiarise newcomers in order to assist with filling out the entry kit. “A newcomer should fundamentally remember that one has to bring the case to life when he presents his case in the second round,” he advised. Quoting common mistakes, he noted how participants previously had failed to get authentication for the submitted data or did not provide adequate data. These should be avoided, he insisted. Summing up SLIM’s role as a professional institution, he said that SLIM has a clear mandate, to uplift the standards of marketing as a profession and drive the economy of the country. “In this light, the marketing professional is a distinct stakeholder. “In order to add value to the fraternity, we conduct many programs. Among them, our reward and recognition programs take centre stage. We are proud to say that we have developed world class award shows to recognise marketers and the fraternity really looks forward to them. SLIM Brand Excellence, Effies, NASCO and People’s Awards are some of these.” Appreciating the help and guidance given by Professor Uditha Liyanage, he thanked him for being “the guiding light, without who we wouldn’t have been able to reach such a high standard.” De Silva also thanked the project chairmen, the sponsors and the participants who will help make this year’s event a success. “As a brand custodian, don’t deny the opportunity for your brand to be showcased out there,” he advised.