SLIM Effie Awards 2014 to recognise Most Effective Brand, Agency and Marketer of the Year

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The Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM) will host its seventh consecutive Effie Awards – Sri Lanka in February 2015, and has made many enrichments to the event to entice increased participation from the advertising and marketing fraternities. Of these, the introduction of the overall awards for the ‘Most Effective Brand’, the ‘Most Effective Agency’ and the ‘Most Effective Marketer’ will undoubtedly further garner interest and competition from communication agencies and marketers alike.   Commenting on the 2014 Effie Awards Sri Lanka, Project Chairman Leroy Ebert said: “I am delighted to be leading the team which is organising the 2014 Effie Awards Sri Lanka, especially because of the many new and exciting elements of this year’s event. As one of the hallmark events of the marketing industry, widespread participation from both agencies and marketers is imperative to the success of the awards. As the organisers, it is our job to encourage and ensure maximum participation by providing participants with a truly global awards experience, and I have no doubt the improvements and additions to the 2014 Effie Awards Sri Lanka will achieve this objective.”                           In addition to the overall awards for the most successful brand, agency and marketer, the 2014 Effie Awards Sri Lanka will also introduce three new award categories for individual entries. The two categories of ‘Small Budget – Product’ and ‘Small Budget – Service’ will recognise communication campaigns that have utilised comparatively smaller budgets to achieve great successes versus competing brands. The new category of ‘Media Idea’ will focus on the use of a specific media to achieve efficacy, awarding campaigns that were led by the media idea alone, and which was powerful enough to overshadow the creative idea.   Commenting on the judging process, Head of the Judging Panel and MAS Bodyline Ltd. Director – Innovation and Consumer Insights Irfan Ahmed said: “As the panel of judges for the 2014 Effie Awards Sri Lanka, our main goal is to ensure that no entries submitted will be disqualified, thereby repeating the success of last year and providing all participants with an equal opportunity to win an Effie Award. Our key message to all entrants is to be very particular when compiling every entry kit, enabling us to judge all entries on the same platform. This year’s panel of judges comprise of a balanced mix of marketing and advertising experts, and I am certain we will be able to adhere to all regulations and standards outlined by SLIM and Effie Global.”   In addition to the new categories introduced, another highlight of the 2014 Effie Awards Sri Lanka will be the opportunity for award winners to be featured on the Effie Index. “We are extremely mindful of ensuring that the Effie Awards Sri Lanka is aligned with the regulations, practices and processes of Effie Global, and this year’s awards will be no different,” said Gamika De Silva, Consultant to the 2014 Effie Awards Sri Lanka. “There will be a special focus this year on the Effie Effectiveness Index, which is compiled by Effie Global, and all winners at this year’s awards will be in the running for true global recognition for their effective work.”     The 2014 Effie Awards Sri Lanka will feature 26 categories under products and services and five categories under the speciality category. Additionally, overall awards will be presented to the most awarded brand, agency and marketer of the night, which will be based on the number and type of metals won by each entrant. Communications campaigns which were conducted between 1 October 2013 and 30 September 2014 are eligible to apply for the 2014 Effie Awards Sri Lanka. All entries must be submitted online via between 12 and 25 January, 2015. The final deadline for submission is 2 February 2015. Hardcopies of all creative material and collateral required is to be handed over to the SLIM office within 48 hours of the online submission.