Explosive digital growth anticipated in Sri Lanka

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“Social media have revolutionised the way we interact with people and everything has become accessible with a mere click.

In emerging markets such as Sri Lanka, digital and social media provide opportunities for massive business growth,” observed Susana Tsui, making a presentation to the business community at the Cinnamon Lakeside last Wednesday.

“For the past five years, Neo@Ogilvy has built a vast global digital media network to predominately service our global clients.

In our next stage of development, growth in the Neo@Ogilvy network is very much dependent on local clients in new and developing markets.

This is in line with global trends of the rise of emerging markets. Sri Lanka is one of these markets where we anticipate explosive digital growth in the near future.

We see tremendous potential in Sri Lanka. I am confident that Neo@Ogilvy Sri Lanka

will grow to become one of the leading growth markets in the network,” she added This presentation and the get-together with the business community were to mark the inauguration of Neo@Ogilvy in Sri Lanka last month.

Speaking on this occasion, Phoenix Ogilvy Chairman Irvin Weerackody said: “The setting up of Neo@Ogilvy was a positive outcome of our understanding and learning the power of digital and social media and also our belief that society’s need to embrace more openness to progress and the role that social media can play to bring about this openness was another factor.”

He added: “Social media to my mind is word of mouth in a highly-sophisticated technical garb.

Social media empower people to share word of mouth about products, services, issues, problems and ideologies in ways more powerful than traditional media.

In shaping and moulding public opinion, digital and social media have proved extremely powerful.”