‘MyDeal.lk’ promises merchants and shoppers a win-win

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Merchants who are facing challenges in improving sales and enhancing brand visibility have been offered a zero-risk, cost-effective solution with the launch of www.mydeal.lk, one of Sri Lanka’s latest and fastest growing ‘daily deals’ websites.

Within two weeks of its launch, the website of MyDeal.lk (Pvt) Ltd. had attracted approximately 12,000 fans on Facebook – which represents an increase of more than 850 fans daily – and according to Google statistics is now closing the gap with the market leader in the category.

Among merchants who are offering deals at present on www.mydeal.lk are Techno Vision, Nitro Zone and J.F. Tours. The website’s first deal, which offered a 50 per cent discount on food and beverages at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, concluded with all vouchers on offer being sold out in less than a week, MyDeal said.

Deals with food brands, hotels, clothing stores and airlines and for events and leisure activities are in the pipeline and discounted up to 90 per cent, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Specialist and Managing Director of MyDeal Damitha Ginigaddarage said.

Elaborating on what MyDeal.lk has to offer to merchants, he said: “As we charge a fee only when a product is sold, www.mydeal.lk is a zero-risk proposition for merchants. The website is especially suited for entities such as hotels and restaurants as it offers an excellent opportunity for merchants to earn revenue on excess inventory or capacity. Additionally, if an event management company is planning its next big event in Colombo, we can reach out to a wider audience and have it sold out.”

Illustrating the case of a customer who purchases hotel accommodation via MyDeal but also spends on food and other activities during his stay, Ginigaddarage pointed out that apart from tangible benefits, signing up with www.mydeal.lk could enable merchants to boost sales of auxiliary products. “A happy and satisfied customer will always come back for more as well as refer our merchants’ businesses to family and friends drawing new customers who want to be a part of the excitement,” he explained.

“MyDeal’s appeal also extends to merchants in other sectors as well, as the website also generates tremendous value by enhancing brand visibility. Unlike in the case of an expensive advertisement which may be only seen once in a newspaper or on radio or television by a consumer, a product featured on www.mydeal.lk is visible continuously for the duration of the promotional period,” he added. In addition to Ginigaddarage, the MyDeal team benefits from the experience and skills of CEO Kumar Melvani, a founder of a popular online bookstore and a specialist in e-Commerce and Director Marketing Mehraj Sally, a Social Media Strategist and Marketer who has over 20 years of corporate experience including stints at Unilever and 3M.

Besides merchants, www.mydeal.lk substantially benefits shoppers by enabling them to purchase items ranging from food products to leisure activities at significant discounts. The vouchers purchased by shoppers via the MyDeal website or at its office are usually valid for two to three months, enabling shoppers to redeem them at their convenience.

Unlike some daily deals websites which require a certain minimum number of purchases in order for the offer to be valid, an offer on www.mydeal.lk is valid even for a single purchase. By becoming a fan of MyDeal’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/MyDeal.lk) shoppers can also win valuable gifts every month at a special ‘monthly deal’ given by the website, which also presents an opportunity for merchants who tie up for the offer to gain significant mileage in terms of brand visibility.

The MyDeal website employs a system championed by USA’s ‘Groupon,’ the value of which was estimated at US$ 18 billion in November 2011. A customer who opts for a deal on www.mydeal.lk has to buy a voucher online using a credit or debit card of MasterCard or Visa via Sampath Bank’s Secure Internet Payment Gateway. Thereafter, the voucher can be printed and redeemed at the outlet of the respective merchant.Shoppers who do not wish to make payments via internet can purchase vouchers from MyDeal’s conveniently located office at 395 Galle Road, Colombo 3 (Opposite McDonalds) on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Shoppers can also email the company and receive instructions on how to make a deposit at any Sampath Bank branch for their vouchers. Once receipt of payment is confirmed, MyDeal.lk will email the vouchers to these customers.