SLIM’s PCM, the stepping stone for your corporate career

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Marketers are an innovative breed of people who endeavour to anticipate, forecast and fulfil people’s needs and wants profitably. Therefore, they help enhance the standard of living in society. Youngsters who yearn to enter the fascinating world of marketing encounter the challenge of finding the right mentors to guide them towards their goal. The Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM), the national body for marketing in Sri Lanka, caters to them as a true mentor on their quest towards becoming fully-fledged marketers in the future. 

The Preliminary Certificate in Marketing (PCM), a three-month course introduced by the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM) in 1988, was aimed at imparting basic knowledge in marketing, which has been sought by many as the first step in learning about the field. The PCM course is ideal for those who are interested in gaining a fundamental knowledge of marketing and is not restricted to those who are already in the field or pursuing a future in it. It is also open to individuals in other professions who desire to obtain knowledge in the subject, which is a definite added value to their profession.

Educating budding marketers on the basic and fundamental theories of the subject with real business examples is the core objective of SLIM PCM. Modules such as Marketing Mix, Products, Pricing, Distribution, Marketing Communication, Promotions, Marketing Concepts, The Marketing Environment, Consumer Behaviour, Marketing Research, Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (STP), Product Planning and Development and Marketing vs. Sales are included in the three-month long certificate program.

The second intake for the year has just started with the inauguration being held in the Colombo, Kandy and Matara business schools recently. For more details of the program, you may contact Colombo (0703 189 646), Kandy (0703 336 188) and Matara (0703 227 949). 

Laugfs Salt & Chemicals /Laugfs Holdings Ltd. CEO Charaka Perera graced the occasion as the guest speaker and stated that after commencing his marketing studies at SLIM with PCM, he realised its importance for one’s career and life as a whole. PCM motivated him to qualify in marketing, which proved to be the stepping stone towards a Postgraduate Diploma in the field. SLIM has taken him to the helm of his career, making him eligible to function as a corporate leader. He welcomed all young marketers to come and experience the world of marketing at SLIM.  

SLIM President Suranjith Swaris stated that the institute’s area of expertise is to groom marketers to suit both the local and global arenas. “The competitive environments in workplaces urge more and more students to enrol in marketing studies. Some of the top marketers in the corporate sector will be among the most experienced lecturers to mentor you on the practical aspects of marketing and how best to secure your career path in the discipline. Further, PCM lays the foundation to obtain a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing (PGDIP). Thus PCM derives wider acceptance and recognition from employers as the course blends both theory and practical applications. You can also pursue Branding, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurial Marketing, Services, Sales and CIM studies at SLIM. So instead of curtailing your marketing studies to PCM, move forward to higher realms in marketing education,” he said.

Speaking about the program, SLIM Vice President Reshan Fernando mentioned that it is designed to suit the current requirements of the corporate world, “Even people from non-marketing disciplines follow PCM as they understand that it is essential to professional growth. Marketing stimulates innovation and helps organisations to stay one step ahead of their competitors. So regardless of the industry, it helps create an impact on the corporate world. Many corporates employ SLIM PCM students and recognise their capabilities during recruitment.” 

SLIM CEO/ED Sanath Senanayake stated that marketing is a field where they identify innate talent and refine it. Being the national body for marketing, SLIM bears the responsibility of educating Sri Lankans to progress in their careers. SLIM has received the ISO 9001:2015 certification in recognition of its superior quality management system and the ISO 2990:2010 for Learning Service Provider (LSP), approving non-formal education and training services, which enables SLIM to retain and ensure a high standard of education to all students.