Masters Advertising takes on a new look

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Masters Advertising has been at the forefront of advertising for 55 years. With expertise in all things advertising, Masters has an array of clients ranging from all industries across the island. 

However, though the roots of Masters are firm, it has been understood that change and adaptability are the vanguard of being successful. Thus in accordance with a fast-paced environment filled with technological advancements and fresh trends, Masters is taking on a new look.

Masters Advertising spans the spectrum of ATL, BTL, ambient, PR, packaging and online communication as well as events.

Dharshi Masilamani, the Joint Managing Director of the company, is at the helm of this creative team and believes in incorporating integrity and ethical values within the Masters portfolio. According to her, the Masters ethos is to showcase the truth that is fair and beneficial to all. 

“Masters stands for being expert masters in what we do, as we have the skill and the proficiency in advertising as well as marketing and in all that we do.”

While the values of the organisation that made Masters what it is today remain the same, the approach to meeting the demands of the industry have taken on a new take. 

The Masters team of innovators are a line-up of brilliant individuals. This rag-tag team consists of both experience and energy. Its members come from different walks of life to bring to the table, an array of diverse solutions that are designed with an understanding of your audience. 

The organisation’s resilient existence for more than half a century is a testament to the adaptability of Masters to understand the prevalent audience as well any client, no matter when or where. This is now coupled with a team that understands and is up to-date with the technologically savvy and fast-changing world, in order to bring you the best in creative solutions.

“Now our motives are different, there has been a shift in advertising, which has seen the rise of other motives when it comes to commercials or press ads. Rather than the sell mentality, our ads are focused on community building and brand awareness,” said Masilamani explaining the reasons that made her call for change within the organisation.

Change is inevitable and this is more so evident in the current day and age, where the digital sphere calls for quick adaptability and faster reactions alongside constantly changing trends and in line with an ever-changing landscape within the advertising industry, it is an absolute necessity to incorporate values such as flexibility, adaptability and innovation to the organisations existing ethos. 

Thus Masters Advertising is rebranding to inform the world that it is not phased in the face of a fast-changing culture as well to show the incorporation of values more suited for the digital age.