Fazleen Majeed espouses new management model via his book

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A unique book ‘fazleen’s CAP’ is a management model developed to provide direction for success for the emerging generation. It provides renewed hopes and enlightens on the abilities of those who aspire to achieve abundant success in life. The model consists of ‘CAP Drivers,’ which are traits one possess. It exposes the serious impact these drivers could make on one’s career success which are inspirational and most influential in changing one’s life towards success. The model distinguishes CAP drivers under Core, Augment and Personal (CAP). The Core consists of two key drivers while the Augment constitutes 40 inspirational drivers and Personal with 10 inherent drivers. Core drivers give the first impression of capability for future success with relative ease.  It is the entry ticket to the journey towards success. These core drivers are a definite part of one’s success in career. Augment drivers – the heart of ‘fazleen’s CAP’ and the inspiration behind the model. Augment drivers have the potential to give life to one’s career and fundamentally change it for the better despite failing to be armed with core drivers of natural intelligence or qualification. The message is ‘It’s not over’. These drivers have the potential to outperform and go beyond the success which is achieved or could be achieved through natural intelligence and qualification, which depends on the degree of hunger and application. Personal drivers determine one’s thinking pattern, desired action and overall behaviour which have the ability to influence one both during career and beyond. One needs to precisely identify these drivers which are within one’s control, and truly appreciate and believe the positive impact it could have for a career and life’s success. These drivers could do wonders to one’s lifetime success and each driver has the absolute capacity to take one from no-where to the top. The model explains as to how this happens. These drivers basically generate hopes, generate lives for the potentials within oneself. Success is a journey and not a destination they say. And the definition of success depends on how one looks at it. If history is a guide, there is no single defined pathway to reach the height of success. There are many in numbers to vouch that fact. Be it leaders, greats or revolutionaries. Breaking the shackles of misconceptions about the path of success which is fixed in the mind is the first step towards success. The moment those mental barriers and perceptions are unlocked, the path of success would become clear and relatively easy, and can be reached at a fair pace through the exploitation of various CAP drivers. Some create the base through Core drivers and others through Augment drivers. Some with a mix of core and non-core. Believing in CAP is believing in one’s capabilities and underutilized strengths. Undere-stimating CAP means underestimating one’s own capabilities. One may not possess or be able to exploit all the CAP drivers on offer close to perfection and CAP does not expect either. However, CAP requires strong belief in drivers and the impact each driver could make for ones progress in career and life. CAP strengthens one to become what one wants to be. You become your own mentor. The door of success is locked, not closed. Use the drivers to enter the world which you dream to be in. Success for one means success for one’s family and generation to come. The CAP makes the world to look possible, real and true. CAP is not simply a model but a defining measure of life’s potential. It’s a celebration of the human spirit. It helps one to shift the paradigm in career, in life. The author, Fazleen Majeed, is a finance professional and is qualified in diverse fields, including business administration, finance, marketing and human resources. He has conducted many training and lecturing sessions, the most notable of which was at the university level. He is currently spearheading the Group Financial Reporting of one of the top conglomerates in Sri Lanka. In addition to his core competency in finance, he has mastered the study of human behaviour and human psychology. Being a people’s person he has held leadership positions in various settings and has also represented in cricket from School to the University XI. His varied expertise, exposure and experience in diverse areas, have stimulated him to pen his findings in a model of this magnitude. He firmly believes that this model is a modern and logical path for meaningful and balanced success. He is eager to provide direction to those who seem lost, confused or misdirected and he intends to generate hopes within this segment of people. He also identifies the ways to sustain the success of those who believed that they have already attained success. He being a visionary believes that the emerging generation should be given the opportunity to learn the language of success – ‘fazleen’s CAP’.