ETD plans for future

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We need to change how we treat anyone with a disability

Today there are more people living with special needs than at any other time. We all need to change how we treat them.

Disabled or not, all of us are dependent on the mutuality and reciprocity which are the hallmarks of a civilised society at some time in our lives. And isn’t a civilised society the kind of society we all want to live in?

Stigma, ignorance, neglect, superstition and communication barriers are among the social factors that explain the discrimination and isolation from society that children with disabilities face.

Further to the AGM of Enable the Disabled held recently, ETD is focusing on the future and planning to host more programs for the persons and children with disabilities, to create an atmosphere and environment of inclusivity, draw attention to the need to recognise these persons as citizens of Sri Lanka, who can contribute towards the economy of the country, in a meaningful way, if given the opportunities, within their own capacities. 

Children should be given equal opportunities to enjoy the facilities that are now available to other children, education should not be limited or secluded but should be inclusive. Children should be encouraged to welcome and accept these special children, and not be taught to look upon these special kids as being different.

The mindset of people, especially the younger persons, should be changed, if we are to become disabled friendly. 

Why are these kids sometimes deprived of the facilities, available to others? It is our duty and responsibility to provide for them according to their special needs, create awareness in the minds of parents and care givers that they have facilities available for counselling, advice, to deal with these children; they should not have that cultural view that this is karma or destiny.

We need to bring in the change and it begins with us.

Join ETD in its plans and support them to bring about the change and make Sri Lanka disabled friendly.

Their programs will need the support of the community; a detailed plan will be published soon and anyone or corporate can choose a project to get involved in.