Tantrum launches ‘Rebellion’

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Q: It’s been close to a decade since you guys started out, how different is your sound compared to back then?

A: We started in 2004 so closing into eight years actually, not a decade yet. But yeah the sound has changed overtime, members have come and gone and therefore different influences set in at different times so if you look at ‘The Destruction Begins EP’ and our upcoming ‘Rebellion’ album, the sound and style is different. I guess it’s that we have evolved as song writers.


Q: What genre of metal would you say the new sound falls in to?

A: I guess it’s more of progressive thrash metal. However there are death and groove metal influences in it as well.


Q: The band’s been quiet for a while, what was the reason and can we expect to see Tantrum back on the regular circuit?

A: Well I think the last couple of years has been for us as we were involved with other projects and our day jobs, but end of last year and this year has been good for us. We obviously started and completed the recording of this long awaited album, we’ve managed to get an international quality sound to the album as we invested on highend instruments and mastered the album in the USA, we’ve done quite a few stuff online like the most talked about webisodes and brought in the whole ‘tantrumental’ concept.

We managed to tour India last December. Played a few big shows this year and now the biggest on 22 Septemeber. Oh and we managed to get on Hard Rock Radio in the USA as well for a preview of the ‘Rebellion’ album. We’ve managed to cover a lot of grey areas which somewhat solidifies our future.


Q: Have there been any major line up changes?

A: Not recently. We’ve had line up changes in the past, but this line up has been pretty solid now for the last three years and probably will stay that way for a while. Hopefully.


Q: Tell us about what’s gone into this album, did any special artists or sound engineers get involved in the process?

A: We self-produced this album. It’s basically the four of us who did the production and engineering and recorded at our very own ‘Mental studio’s’ at home. However, we did send it to USA as I mentioned before to do the mastering at Studio 66 in Texas. So a big shout out goes to Chase Jentz for that. The album artwork was done in Germany at Killustrations by the great Bjorn Gooses who has worked with a lot of top metal acts around the world. As for outside artists we had Dmitri Gunatilake who also train’s the Bishops School choir. She sings a part in our song ‘Darkness through your eyes’.


Q: Tell us about the album launch and the acts that have chosen to support you guys on the big night

A: It’s on 22 September at the British School Auditorium, 7p.m onwards. Tickets are priced at Rs. 1000 inclusive of a free Rebellion CD and wall poster. We also plan to launch our new Rebellion T-shirt and also revamp our official website tantrumental.com on the very same day. As for opening acts we got the awesome Hollow, Roadkill and Ethereal to perform on this big day.


Q: Will the album be distributed at CD shops? How do fans get a copy if they miss the gig?

A: They can’t miss the gig! Why would they do that?! But yeah it will be out in stores after 22 September. Especially Vibrations and other CD outlets. If not, they can contact one of us and book their copies via e-mail as well. We also plan to have a merchandise store on our website soon, so everyone from around the world will be able to get their hands on our stuff!

For more information about the band check out: official FB page: www.facebook.com/tantrumental, official Twitter page: www.twitter.com/tantrumental, Youtube page: www.youtube.com/tantrumental (For videos from the ‘Rebellion’ recording sessions). Reverbnation page: www.reverbnation.com/tantrumental and Band Camp page: www.tantrumental.bandcamp.com (For the new tracks from the upcoming album).