Siddhi Herbal tea enters Sri Lanka market

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Being a well-known brand in the market of Ayurvedic products, Ira Handa Weda Gedara introduces an herbal drink which burns excess fat so that it can give you the slimness you yearn for. Siddhi Herbal tea is a fine beverage bringing a solution to a bulging stomach while it regulates your digestion system through facilitation. Siddhi Herbal tea that comes in tea bag form is prepared to be taken in 10 minutes after your dinner. Siddhi Herbal tea can reduce unnecessary fat deposit in your veins and turn your skin into a golden glow. 

Siddhi Herbal tea is completely chemical free as it is produced with 100% natural ingredients. It contains Aralu, Bulu, Nelli, Kaluduru and Sena which are herbal plants. Ira Handa Weda Gedara adhering to the thematic approach ‘beauty to an ailment free world’ has manufactured an assortment of healthy products that heal the human. Chavikanthi Sandalwood Cream that is enriched with the Sandalwood extract, Chavikanthi Kunkumalepaya that is enriched with the essence of Kunkuma (Saffron), Deegayu Herbal Tea that is produced with coriander and ginger and Keshakanthi Hair Oil, designed for the healthy hair are among them. The quality and high standard are highly secured as Ira Handa Weda Gedara tests their products in partnership with Native Herbals Ltd. Registered at the Department of Ayurveda, Native Herbals Ltd. has been honoured with ISO 9001:2015, the international certification for quality and WHO GMP from World Health Organisation. You can purchase these products from the island-wide Lanka Sathosa, Laughs, Keells, Cargills and Arpico supermarkets and all the pharmacies.