OLU brings the purity of the cloud forests to you in bottles

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OLU Tropical Water, from the rarest Sri Lankan cloud forests, is the newest brand of drinking water that will be introduced to the local market, shortly. It is a proud Sri Lankan brand that aims to push the boundaries of water from a source that is so unique. Symbolising the purity of our national flower found in the beautiful water bodies across Sri Lanka, the olu flower plays a distinct role in our landscape, symbolising the tropical waters of Sri Lanka.

OLU is a natural mineral water originating 4,300 feet above sea level, from the cloud forests of Sri Lanka. Cloud forests are evergreen tropical forests that, as the name suggests, are covered in mist or fog and found in Pidurutalagala, Hakgala and Adam’s Peak. 

Globally, all the cloud forests of the world amount to 1% of the total woodland areas of the world. Typically, there is a relatively small band of altitude in which the atmospheric environment is suitable for cloud forest development. These cloud forests are one of the world’s most precious natural ecosystems and play a significant role in maintaining the world’s natural equilibrium. 

As in other parts of the world, in Sri Lanka, they are natural catchment areas and the starting point for most of the country’s bounteous rivers and streams. Sourced from the rare cloud forests and gently clarified through the earth, OLU Tropical Water is from one of Sri Lanka’s purest sources of natural mineral water.

The Managing Director of OLU Tropical Water stated that the brand would be available in the market by early August.