Invictus by Paco Rabanne

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Victory - a glorious feeling of exhilaration; a heady rush of adrenaline; an all-encompassing sense of satisfaction. From fashion designer and artist Paco Rabanne comes the elixir of success - Invictus – the feeling of invincibility. Ancient times likened heroes to gods, dedicating constellations to their names. Proudly Latin, Invictus stands for the unconquered and undisputed champion. He is the gold from a sea of silver and bronze - the hero who laughs in the face of defeat, who no one can help but adore. It is an epic saga in the life of a champion who has bested the boundaries of blood and battle. Paco Rabanne is a revolutionary genius and continues to boldly experiment where few dare tread. The first designer to send models of African American origin down the runway and use metal and new materials to stand out from a sea of textile-centric habits, he is today, a name synonymous with a sense of modernity that is far ahead of its time. A fragrance should be as heavy with meaning as it is light to wear - Paco Rabanne. This is a sentiment that is mirrored throughout every aspect of Invictus, from the composition of the fragrance to the creation of the bottle. True to his avant-garde sense of style, Paco Rabanne once again challenges convention through the delivery of Invictus. The bottle is molded in the shape of a trophy - a symbol of victory and fortitude. Accents of wings and laurels give it an aura of being in the presence of a hero; a man who has stood in the ranks of the Olympian gods, whose loud cry of triumph echoes with elation. As always, the designer shows us his love of storytelling through the creation of the bottle and its precious fragrance. Described as sensually fresh, the fragrance boasts texture and vigour, standing out in stark contrast to traditional scents. A sense of ecstasy takes flight through notes of grapefruit zest and bay leaf, while an intensely alluring element of confidence strides with animal magnetism through a woody amber accord. “It straddles the line between biting freshness and animal sensuality “, explains Véronique Nyberg, one of four perfumers brought together to create this olfactory masterpiece. Indeed, the fragrance Invictus is an encounter between two opposing faces that complement and gives birth to a feeling of accomplishment and undeniable virility. It is the embodiment of the invincible, the hero of our times. The face of the fragrance is embodied in thirty-year old Australian athlete Nick Youngquest. A stark contrast to the sterile unremarkable beauties of today, he is the very essence of unapologetic virility. An intense gaze, devastating good looks and impressive muscle definition renders him the perfect icon for a fragrance that is undoubtedly masculine. The Invictus hero is the ultimate masculine ideal, a magnificent specimen of manhood. He is what men aspire to be and women desire to be with. Invictus is now available at The Parfumerie – the number one name in fragrance, cosmetics and skin care.