FADNA Arunella: To eradicate diabetes

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About one in five Sri Lankans suffer from diabetes. The disease is among the five most malignant non-communicable in the country. So far, it has claimed 18% of our population. Taking the entire world into account, diabetes has touched and in other ways afflicted about 300 million people. Six people die of and 12 are diagnosed with it every minute. Seven out of the 10 most afflicted countries are from the developed world, but studies indicate that by 2025, 80% of diabetes patients will be from developing countries including Sri Lanka.

These statistics are telling. They reveal diabetes for what it is. The problem, however, is that most medication and treatments have after-effects which can, at most, damage key organs in the human body. For this reason perhaps, medication must involve herbal, traditional and gradualist methods.

It is for this reason that Food and Nature Ltd., better known to many in Sri Lanka as FADNA, decided to make people aware. It organised the first-ever large-scale camp dedicated to this purpose, FADNA Arunella, in 2011. 

It goes as a social welfare project, but the reality is that it’s much more than that. As a manufacturer of traditional, home-grown herbal anti-diabetes tea (Diabe Tea), it no doubt understood the value of highlighting the importance of taking caution with the disease for the people. 

Teaming up with TV Derana, the project became enormously successful overnight; so much so that in the following years, FADNA Arunella became bigger and bigger.

FADNA Arunella welcomes suggestions. It also welcomes invitations to hold its campaign in your area. For all this and more, call 0714888300 and 0115666616.