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Up to the recent past, the term spectacles were used as commonplace when it came to eyewear, and they were used for ‘eye correction’ or more as a ‘medical appliance’. However, especially in the 90’s we were able to witness a drastic change in the view people have towards eyewear. In the past, a person dreaded the thought of even wearing glasses when a doctor prescribed them, as the society’s perspective towards them was less than positive; however, this has significantly changed with time. Due to the change in the attitudes of society, people no longer mind wearing them. As a result, this has made eyewear to be perceived in fact as a fashion accessory and no longer is limited to those who have problems with their eyesight. No longer are people relying on the prescriptions of doctors when it come to their frames, as with evolution and integration of eyewear into the fashion industry, people are now more interested in choosing their frames all by themselves  so it  would suit them, and they would ‘frame their face’ perfectly. Not only this we are no longer interested in sunglasses to merely do their purpose of protecting our eyes from harmful sunrays, but our view has changed towards sunglasses as they are considered as a ‘fashion statement’. Our attitudes have considerably transformed also in the perspective of changing our spectacles or sunglasses when there is an alteration in our eyesight, in fact we are now more interested in doing this to keep up with the various trends that have emerged. So what is the trend for Spring/Summer 2013 you may ask? Well let’s take a look; Trend one:  Light and Feminine Frames Yes, that’s right, glass frames which have soft, translucent colours and feminine in nature are back in style! Whether you are a fan of the vintage cat-eyes or oversized glam shapes, this trend is for you. Trend 02: Retro Round Behold Beatle fans and Harry Potter fans for your time has arrived. Well, well who knew the boy from the cupboard under the stairs’ glasses is the newest fad when it came to the fashionable eyewear industry. So don’t try mocking the Beatles or Harry Potter regarding their sense of fashion, for they seem to be ‘in’ this time around! Trend 03: Bold and Colourful Sunnies Say goodbye to your old bold Black sunglasses for they were so 2008, and say hello to a bright colourful expression of yourself through these colour toned sunglasses! Trend 04: Earthy, Natural Tones It really is time to throw out those black sunglasses, because Brown is the new Black this time around, and those poor black sunglasses are forced to live in exile, at least for now! All these styles and many more are available if you visit Vision Care Optical Services (Pvt.) Ltd. at their flagship store located at No. 6 Ward Place, Colombo 07 or at any of their 28 branches located island wide, where you will have the opportunity to select your choice of frames from the wide selection available.