Eukanuba from Browns: Superior leader in pet nutrition

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For almost a decade, Eukanuba range of products by Brown & Company PLC has enhanced the lives of pets through long-standing innovation in premium nutrition. It is the brand that breeders and experts trust to deliver the best nutrition to their pets. It is owned and manufactured by the reputed Procter & Gamble (P&G). It comes as no surprise to pet owners: different dogs have different needs. From the Toy Poodle to the Golden Retriever, the Yorkshire Terrier to the Great Dane, every dog has unique nutritional needs based largely on their breed type, size, and health and performance needs. “Browns Vetpharma prides in ensuring nutritional needs of each dog breed and Eukanuba has been able to create a customised line of dog food that meets the unique needs of breed type and size,” said Chamindha Ediriwickrama, Senior Vice President, Vetpharma, Director/CEO of Sifang Lanka Ltd. and Sifang Lanka Trading Ltd. Over the years, Eukanuba which is a complete nutritional diet, has pioneered a number of scientific firsts. These include Denta Defence, a type of micro-cleaning crystals that help reduce tartar by up to 55%, as well as the introduction of sugar-removed beet pulp to promote digestive health. Eukanuba was the first to source high-quality primary proteins exclusively from animals, not plants, to provide all essential amino acids. It was also the first brand to optimise DHA levels for smarter, more trainable puppies. The key features of Eukanuba include good digestion where fibre from a blend of natural beet pulp and prebiotic FOS promotes nutrient absorption and digestive health. Meanwhile high quality animal-based proteins help build strong, lean muscles to target optimal body condition. It contains calcium to promote strong bones and is an excellent nutrition balance, fats, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals. Eukanuba also guarantees optimal levels of Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids promote healthy skin and radiant coat. Eukanuba offers a comprehensive line of foods created for dogs with special health concerns. Designed with targeted ingredients that work to maintain your dog’s own systems, Eukanuba Custom Care diets address key health needs as they arise, offering 100% complete and balanced nutrition for your special needs dog. The range of products consist of Eukanuba Small Breed Formula, which is custom-made for dog breeds between one and 20 lbs. at full maturity, Eukanuba Small Breed Formulas contain higher levels of protein and fat than other Eukanuba Formulas to support a small breed’s metabolism and unique energy requirements. The Eukanuba Large Breed Formula is for large and giant breed dogs (51+ lbs. at maturity) have more than just big bodies and big appetites; they also have big nutritional needs. For active and sporting dogs Eukanuba Premium Performance Formulas is something extra in the bowl to meet the demands of their more active lifestyles. Eukanuba Adult maintenance guarantees Vitamin E and Beta Carotene antioxidants which help boost the immune response of senior dogs to that of healthy adult dogs. The range of Eukanuba products are available at supermarkets, veterinary clinics and can also be delivered to your home, free of charge. Simply call 5500000. Brown & Company PLC has been the pioneers in introducing a number of innovative high quality products which have delivered exceptional customer satisfaction. With the experience of delivering value to a large customer base, the Browns Group’s greatest achievement lies in the fact that it has served over three generations of Sri Lankans across the country offering its products and services wherever a need has been identified.