CJS celebrates iconic 90 years of elegance and superior craftsmanship

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The 1920s was the era when hemlines allowed women to kick up their heels to dance the Charleston, when hair went through radical changes to be bobbed and cut short and when Jewellery became a fashion ‘must have’ rather than an accessory.

Jewellery in the 1920s was inspired by the Orient, ancient Egypt and by the ancient Greeks and Romans; it also embraced the modernity inspired by Jazz, a transformation in that music genre which moved from the jazz standards of Chicago to the new found Jazz capital of New York.

Contemporary and sometimes avant-garde, but with a touch of the exotic, jewellery in gold and platinum became the signature of this golden era. And it is into this time of transformation that Colombo Jewellery Stores, a name synonymous with beauty, elegance and absolute glamour established itself in Sri Lanka in 1922.

The far-sighted vision of founder Mohammad Thaha Cassim has today been carried through, 90 years later, to make CJS the flagship brand for high-end ultra fashionable jewellery adorning the ‘who’s who’ of society.

Award-winning Bollywood movie star and former Miss Sri Lanka Jacqueline Fernandez, whose iconic elegance and dazzling appeal forms the perfect catalyst for the beauty and craftsmanship portrayed by CJS, was in Sri Lanka to unveil a beautiful new array of jewellery that conceptualises yet another chapter in the CJS journey of high fashion jewellery.

In the historic surroundings of a heritage residency befitting the nine decade story that CJS has intertwined within its history, CJS unveiled its iconic journey within the annals of Sri Lankan fashion, which has now spread beyond her shores and into other continents, through this new campaign.

Speaking at the celebrations, Jacqueline espoused the beauty and timeless elegance that remains the cornerstone of CJS jewellery, saying, “CJS is a brand that believes in not only beautiful designs that befit the most glamorous or the most simple yet elegant tastes, but it has also ensured that its craftsmanship and service continues to remain unmatched.

“I’m most honoured to be here as the brand ambassador for CJS at yet another hallmark unveiling of designer jewellery, because I have always strongly believed that beauty is not simply about what you see, but about what is deep within. And that CJS has displayed in abundance, being very unchanging in its brand values and brand promise.”

CEO of CJS Akram Cassim said he’s extremely delighted to have been able to continue strengthening and nurturing the legacy of his grandfather, building on the strength of that legacy to conceptualise a brand that today truly speaks of more than being a fashion accessory.

“Our jewellery tells a story of not only CJS but also the wearer. It speaks of our customers wanting uncompromising quality, designs that suit individual tastes and the value they infuse into wearing jewellery that stems from a heritage that represents Sri Lanka’s ancient past in being a gem and jewellery hub to the world.”

The evening, themed on the 1920s era with its be jewelled headdresses, low-waisted dresses and revolutionary fashion ideas that came with the post war era, held special meaning.

CJS showcased unequivocally that its legacy of 90 years will continue to remain strong within its foundation, but that its designs will move with trends, being contemporary yet elegant, while continuing to present unmatched service and unsurpassed quality in each beautifully crafted piece that becomes a CJS icon.