Avurudu celebrations at Ranna 212 Tangalle

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As an air of joyous celebration fills the hearts of everyone Ranna212 Tangalle sets up for a most celebrative New Year. Traditionally, a festival of harvest and as folklore has it, marked by the sounds of the ‘Koha’ bird as he coos in the New Year, the grandest of all festivals of Sri Lanka. Age old customs are revived and much merriment is shared in.

At Ranna212, on Sunday 14 April, the day will begin with the lighting of the traditional oil lamp. The seasonally inspired breakfast that follows is truly a celebratory feast. Delicious milk rice accompanied by southern style ambul thiyal, chicken or beef curry and lunu miris are just a few of the savoury delights. The sweet meats will allure you with the most cherished items; kavum, kokis, kalu dodol and other indulgences that only make their appearance at this time of the year.

Gratified by this delectable meal, take a moment to observe the ancient ritual of the boiling of milk in a new earthen pot. As the milk spills over, symbolising prosperity and happiness to come in the New Year take a moment to appreciate the togetherness and friendship of those who are with you during this festive time. After, let the games begin at the Ranna 212 Bak Maha Ulela.

Entertaining the kids, the festival include Eyeing the Elephant, where kids are blind folded and need to pin the eye onto a sketched elephant, swaying to and fro on the ‘Onchili’ (swing) and musical chairs. Join in, as ladies in the vibrant traditional dress beat raban and learn the unique rhythms yourself.

Grownups, things get a bit more challenging with kotta pora, where you battle out a pillow fight with your opponent as you balance yourself on an elevated log and the kanna mutti, where blindfolded you break a clay pot that is suspended in midair.

Enjoy refreshing juices of exotic local fruit at our kopi kade to give the much needed boost against the midday sun. For adults the raa thabaruma is a  local toddy bar we’ve set up for you whilst you also get to see firsthand how avurudu sweet meats are freshly prepared when our culinary team joins hands with ladies of the neighbouring village, whose recipes have been handed down through generations.

Dress up and vie for the coveted position, the Avurudu Kumaraya and Kumariya. As always, originality does count so feel free to put on a show and draw the attention of the audience.

Join in the enlivening festival which welcomes the participation of all in traditions and games. Let the team at Ranna 212 let you have the most memorable Avurudu this year. For reservations contact the management on 0474 929 949.